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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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A live-action solo movie starring Wonder Woman is in the midst, set to be released in US theaters on June 2nd, 2017. Wonder Woman is without a doubt a mainstream superheroine, known as a powerful icon of feminism — regardless of whether you've read comics.

For those who haven't, you may not know much about Diana Prince's backstory, time line, or principal enemies. Let's get back to basics and focus on the supervillain who is arguably her main nemesis, the God of War, Ares. Sounds intimidating, I know.

Who The Hell Is Ares?

You'll notice that most of Wonder Woman's past has more to do with heaven than hell. Largely inspired by Greek mythology, the supervillain is actually based off of Ares, the Olympian God of War.

Ares was often referred to as Mars, who is the God of War equivalent in Roman mythology. His costume reflects this with a Greco-Roman warrior armor throughout a majority of the comics, but his appearance is often reimagined.

What's Everyone's Problem?

His love of war pretty much sums up why Ares could be anyone's main nemesis, particularly the one of a kind and peaceful being such as Wonder Woman. After all, Diana's main goal is to help the very world Ares wants to destroy. See how that could be a problem?

Another little, which doesn't seem to ever be discussed, is that in the Modern Age comics, Wonder Woman is the natural-born daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Ares is the son of Zeus and his wife Hera, meaning the enemies share the same father. Yet, no one really ever acknowledges this common factor or considers them siblings.

What Are The God Of War's Abilities?

Ares/DC Comics
Ares/DC Comics

The adversary of Wonder Woman is immortal, as are all Olympian gods, so he does not age as a human does. Along with that, Ares is extremely strong, which only increases as the comics develop. His only rival in strength would be the demi-god, his brother Hercules. On top of that, he also has supernatural stamina, knows martial arts and has impressive weaponry. Oh, and he can travel through different dimensions. No big deal.

Ares is massive, but can grow in size on demand. In fact, he can change into whatever he wants, given his power of metamorphosis. Ares is also particularly fast and can fly by wrapping himself in dark energy — as one does. He can generate and project different waves of energy from metahumans, which he can transform into explosives, beams, and so on. The God of War even gives Bane a run for his money by manipulating darkness. He can summon it whenever he pleases and then decide who becomes visible.

Uhhh... Is That All He Can Do?

He also spent some time being the God of Conflict and the God of the Dead, so he obtained additional superpowers. For example, he inherited the power of necromancy, giving him full control over the dead. As if his impressive physical strength, inability to die and million other powers aren't enough of a threat, the God of War's mind is just as lethal. Ares also uses his mind for telepathy, mind control, and illusion casting, demonstrating what is happening elsewhere by creating an illusion inside his cape.

A true warrior does not rely on mere powers to conquer and defeat. Ares is a master strategist when it comes to anything conniving or manipulative. Besides, the Greeks are known for utilizing intelligence and deception in times of war (Trojan Horse anyone?), so one can't be surprised if Ares inherited that trait. In other words, Wonder Woman has her work cut out.

Which superpower belonging to Ares would you want to steal?


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