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This weekend Paul Feig's paranormal buddy comedy Ghostbusters will finally be released. Despite ongoing controversy, early reviews have been largely favorable —currently boasting a 73% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — and it looks like a female-driven cast of paranormal experts isn't nearly as scary as some feared.

Movie Pilot recently sat down with Feig and the cast of Ghostbusters to discuss the movie and get a bit of insight into the reboot. From Harold Ramis's involvement to the major tease in the post-credits scene, watch the video below where we talk all things Ghostbusters:

Having seen the movie, I can say that it's a really great comedy that is a fun, entertaining movie for fans of the originals and newcomers alike. Since we'll likely be venturing into adventures with the Ghostbusters for years to come, it's definitely worth checking out.

To read more about the cameos, Easter eggs, the post-credits scene and what that teaser means for the rest of the franchise, check out more of our Ghostbusters articles below:

Ghostbusters is currently playing in theaters nationwide.


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