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Ahsoka Tano was not well-liked at first. But as the plucky and talented apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka won fans over in Star Wars: Clone Wars, as she went from a naive padawan to a courageous Jedi commander in the war. By the time she walked away from the Jedi Order at the end of Clone Wars, Ahsoka was a firm favorite among fans, so it was a delightful surprise when she turned up at the end of Star Wars: Rebels Season 1.

What Ahsoka did in the years between Clone Wars and Rebels remains a mystery (for now), but by the time the crew of the Phantom caught up with her she was a prominent leader in the budding Rebel Alliance.

Season 2 of Rebels saw Ahsoka take up more of a leading role — although she didn't appear in many episode, Ahsoka's mission to hunt down Darth Vader (before he hunted down her rebels) was compelling to say the least. And that final showdown, when Ahsoka finally faced her former master, forced to fight him but refusing to give up hope that he could be saved... Well, suffice it to say that the Rebels Season 2 finale featured some of the most emotional scenes in the entire Star Wars saga, and that's saying something.

The finale left Ahsoka's fate uncertain — after the Sith weapon on Malachor exploded, we saw Vader limping away from the ruins, but there was no sign of Ahsoka. Naturally, we're all desperate to know whether she survived, and what the future holds for everyone's favorite Togruta. Well, you can rest assured that Ahsoka certainly will appear in Season 3, but it's far from sure whether she'll be alive. Confused? So are we.

Today was the first day of Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm's flagship convention in which they roll out all those delicious teasers. First bill of the day was the Ahsoka panel — titled "The Untold Tales", we were treated to previously unforeseen concept art for the proposed Ahsoka solo movie that never was. Fear not, there will be plenty of articles about that later because oh boy, would that movie have been awesome. Good thing they're publishing a book about her instead. But I digress.

Dave Filoni (showrunner for both Clone Wars and Rebels) kept schtum on Ahsoka's fate until the very last minute, as he, Pablo Hidalgo, and Ashley Eckstein joked about Ahsoka's dead-or-alive status. But as the panel closed, Filoni couldn't resist one cheeky teaser.

Explaining that he had never been one to sway to fan opinion, Filoni told us unequivocally that he intended Season 2 to be the last we ever saw of Ahsoka. Which, obviously, seems very bleak. Then he continued:

"But after the reaction [to Ahsoka in the Rebels finale]... It just might be possible for her to return in Season 3. It doesn't necessarily mean what you want it to mean though."

Naturally, this announcement was met with deafening applause, and with good reason – Ahsoka is without question one of the most interesting and badass characters in the entire Star Wars universe, and her story is far from over.

But what does Filoni's hint mean? The possibilities are intriguing — Ahsoka could have survived, but she might be wounded physically, or psychologically. Or she might be dead, but will reappear as a Force ghost. Or maybe something else will happen that we never would have guessed!

Personally, I'm holding out hope that Ahsoka is about to embark on some fascinating journey through the Force, as she comes to terms with the fact that she couldn't save Anakin from himself. It would also be fantastic to see more of her in the Rebel Alliance, as we still don't know where she was, or what she was doing, during the original trilogy. But for now at least we know we'll get to see Ahsoka again in Season 3, even if her return is not what we had expected it to be.

How do you think Ahsoka will return in Season 3?

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