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SpiderDad was created by me, Mike Wilson. My son Jayden was sadly lost his battle to a brain tumor at Christmas, and i've been fundraising i
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Have you ever wondered what climbing buildings like Spider-Man would be like?

Imaging showing people at home or work that you can climb buildings just like Spider-Man. Would they believe you? Well now you can show them video evidence. I can show you exactly how to climb walls or side's of buildings just like the web headed superhero. Using a few little filming tricks and some editing software. This video goes through in detail how you can make this happen.

Visual effects green screen set up.
Visual effects green screen set up.

Using a Green Screen, a camera, a tripod and yourself. You can create things that will make you look like a real superhero. My YouTube channel features many other visual effect style videos, which many people can use in their own personal video projects. Here the video below.

What did you think of this tutorial? Was it helpful? Or maybe you have some tips for me personally, so i can improve on the visual effects skills i have at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment and share with anyone in need of these few tips.

Thanks for reading.

Mike aka The SpiderDad


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