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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 ended only a matter of weeks ago, and fans have again been split over if it was better than the 1990s counterpart, Sailor Moon Super. However, the season ended in a way that made it clear that Season 4 is coming. Sailor Moon Crystal has been following the manga much more closely, resulting in fans being introduced to elements of the story they never knew existed. With Season 4 ready to be confirmed and announced, let's take a look at three things we will likely see that were absent from the 1990s counterpart Sailor Moon SuperS. Be warned spoilers beyond this point!

The Outer Senshi Will be Present.

Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi from the Manga.
Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi from the Manga.

During Sailor Moon SuperS, the Outer Senshi were completely absent. Sailors Uranus and Neptune starred in a short special episode (SuperS Special: Haruka and Michiru, Again! The Ghostly Puppet Show), but this episode was not directly linked to the story involving Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. However, in the manga the Outer Senshi do have roles within the Dream arc of the story, which will be the source for the Season 4. This will see Sailor Neptune's promise to Sailor Chibi Moon being fulfilled and her regaining her Deep Aqua Mirror for keeping the promise. However, Sailor Saturn in particular has a pretty important role in the story, as she is the key to awakening four new Sailor Senshi.

A New Team of Sailor Senshi.

Meet the Sailor Quartet.
Meet the Sailor Quartet.

The Sailor Quartet never actually appeared in the 1990s Sailor Moon SuperS. Fan did witness them as the villainous Amazon Quartet, which is how they are introduced in the manga. However, in the manga Sailor Saturn takes the four of them to Neo Queen Serenity who awakens their true forms, the Sailor Quartet. They are the new guardians sworn to protect Sailor Chibi Moon (the successor to Sailor Moon), and act like how the Inner Senshi operate for Sailor Moon. The four are named after asteroids present within the asteroid belt, that were once classified as planets. Their names are Sailor Vesta (red), Sailor Pallas (blue), Sailor Ceres (pink) and Sailor Juno (green). None showcase individual attack, but instead they have the group attacks "Amazoness Jungle Arrow" and "Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss". This suggests the future Sailor Senshi will have a new level of team work than the Inner Senshi, which is hard to image.

Luna, Artemis and Diana in Human Form.

Artemis, Diana and Luna in Human Form.
Artemis, Diana and Luna in Human Form.

Yes, it is true, all three of the cats have a human form. Luna's human form was featured in the 1990s Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie, but Artemis and Diana never showcased their human forms. In the manga, it is revealed that Luna and Artemis come from the Planet Mau, and when in a crisis can take on a human form. The first to be seen in the manga is Artemis, when he helps Sailor Venus in battle against the Amazon Quartet. Diana retains her tail when she is in human form, unlike Luna and Artemis, this could could be because she is still young and not mastered her transformation yet. She also has small buns on her head in homage to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. This is where they most likely came up with the inspiration for the look of Sailor Luna, from the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

In the name of the Moon...I will keep you up to date!

With the confirmation of Season 4 yet to be announced, it is safe to say it is coming due to how the third season ended. While Sailor Moon Crystal is proving a hit and miss series with the fans, it is worth considering the two as completely different series entirely. Both are following different roads to reach their season finales, taking the much loved characters on new journeys and adventures for us to enjoy. So, if you are disliking the manga adaption compared to the 1990s OG, just keep in could be worse, they could have introduced Sailor Luna.

Which new aspect are you looking forward to in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4?


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