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Star Wars Celebration kicked off in a BIG way with the reveal of new footage for the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The featurette gave us more never-before-seen footage of the upcoming film. But while the sizzle reel may have single-handedly stolen the show, it was Mark Hamill’s presentation that had fans smiling.

You remember how the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens played out, right? All of the secrets withheld from Disney/Lucasfilm was released in the closing minutes of the movie. We saw Rey make the trek all the way to the aquatic planet Ahch-To. There it was revealed that Luke Skywalker had cast himself away from everyone and everything, having gone into exile.

The moment we saw Luke make his brief appearance, fans in the audience cheered for the welcome return of the beloved character. But what if that wasn’t when Luke revealed himself? Would it have been any different if Hamill had his way? Well, apparently it would have been completely different and a sure kick-ass moment.

With roughly 4,000 fans present during his panel, Hamill revealed how his first appearance should have gone down in The Force Awakens. This was what Hamill had to say to his dedicated fanbase:

“I thought I came in when the lightsaber flies off. What? Rey caught it?! She hasn’t even finished her training!”

As Hamill was reading the script over, he immediately thought that he would be the one to retrieve the lightsaber away from Kylo Ren using the Force. He’s definitely not alone in this statement. I, too, felt that Luke was going to make his appearance at that very moment. When it appeared that Kylo Ren was retrieving the lightsaber out of the snow, I could have sworn that was going to be Luke Skywalker standing there in all his glory. Instead, it was Rey who was the one who showcased her Force powers.

It’s still an amazing moment nonetheless. Honestly, I’m not to disappointed as the scene allowed Rey to shine and thus raised even more questions regarding her character. Daisy Ridley gave a phenomenal performance as the new lead in this trilogy. Mark Hamill will almost certainly have a more substantial role in Episode VIII. I cannot wait to see what’s in store in the next film. Until then, there's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to look forward to in December.

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