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Since Suicide Squad debuted its first trailer at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con it has dominated conversation all over social media. As we get closer to the release of the highly anticipated movie, Warner Bros. is cranking up the advertising and promotion of the movie.

The hype machine for Suicide Squad is in full effect! And the great thing is that we got new footage to go along with the hype. The most interesting of which was June Moone fully transformed into the Enchantress:

June Moone Transforming

What we thought was the fully transformed version of the character will apparently be an early depiction of the sorceress. My theory is that June Moone, after being possessed by the Enchantress, will struggle to control the powerful witch inside her. Eventually, the Enchantress will corrupt June Moone completely and make the total transformation.

Enchantress Completely Transforms

I think this transformation takes place when the Suicide Squad is on a initial mission to take on The Adversary.

The Adversary

But while on this mission Enchantress loses control of her powers and the Suicide Squad shifts its attention to taking down the witch. It is also possible that the Enchantress creates the Adversary or goons and I believe also the Tattooed Man. In the comics, Enchantress actually was on a mission with the Squad when she lost control, but we will have to see how that actually plays out in the movie.

With Superman Dead And Obviously Unable To Stop This Threat

...and Wonder Woman likely off searching for Atlantis to recruit Aquaman to the Justice League to protect the world from Darkseid's Army...

...we are pretty lucky that Amanda Waller assembled a Task Force of the most dangerous people on the planet that can take down the Enchantress.

Of course the team will not go because they feel they owe it to their country so they will likely need some motivation:

I'm Sure Amanda Will Think Of Something

But those are my thoughts. Is there any doubt in your mind at this point that Enchantress is an antagonist in this movie? Please share your thoughts below.


Is Enchantress the villain of the Suicide Squad?

Are you ready for Suicide Squad?!


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