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We are only 3 years into the current DCEU Universe, with a strong establishment of their courageous, outspoken women. They've given us a dauntless reporter, unafraid of tackling terrorists; to a valiant Amazonian, skilled from many types of battle; and soon will deliver us even more formidable women.

From the starting point of this still developing universe, we viewers, were introduced to 2013s, Man of Steel before this year's co-titled film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both stories were mainly driven by the male characters, but flourishes from the female aspect of it, e. g Lane, discovering Luthor was behind all events in the latter film. And then having Diana Prince stealing the show with her agile performance and stellar soundtrack, it's evident how powerful and important these DC women will be.

Women Of Suicide Squad

They're introducing us to a different theme in Suicide Squad, which is nearing theaters. The characteristic aspects of Harley Quinn, Katana, Amanda Waller and Enchantress will certainly be further explored from what's been given through recent footages. Though what's shown, does display how daring they will be, it's noted that their actions are furthest from a heroine.

So, if you're expecting Harley Quinn to be outspoken and bold? Well, she tests Rick Flag by stepping out of line, and stealing in his presence. Katana resides on Flag's team, and actress, Karen Fukuhara mentions she's "a protector and a fierce warrior.” The head of the organization, Amanda Waller, controls the entire group, while keeping watch of other meta–humans and the worst criminals. And the powerful Enchantress follows, displaying how formidable she'll be from the recent motion posters, along with speculations of her possibly portraying the villain of the film. This establishes the variety of DC women, as we know there's even more to come.

Women Of Wonder Woman

Bringing the only woman of The Justice League to life this year simply amazed the masses. Stoic and relentless, just how a warrior should be. It was set in stone to bring forth her own solo adventure. Knowing it'll embody her issues with man, dating back from her recent appearance on screen, will display how a leader handles the actions of another. This time, a female leader.

This story will incorporate the women of Themyscira. As Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyte governs the island, characters like General Antiope, Etta Candy, and Orana will follow suit with their part of the adventure. This will be their story within a major part of DC's chronology. It'll lead into present day events within the universe, noting how much Diana has changed. Her perception of man at the end of Dawn of Justice, explains their inconsiderate activities, while the solo will be the device behind why she left them in the first place.

This is why DC is on the right path in their films. Comic books aren't gender bias, though one gender dominates the particular industry. Super-heroine stories need an establishment. A tool that could be seen and heard across all platforms, whether it be computers or mobile phones. And comic book movies can be a tool for them. The team at Warner Bros/DC may have produced a female superhero movie only to gain a head start on those who have been around for years, but it's certainly an implement to shed light on the importance of the gender.

It could transcend what has been set by male superhero movies prior to now. The actions of a woman could lead to a better outcome. A different ending, since men are known to be egocentric sometimes. So to say the Wonder Woman solo would effect the film industry majorly, is correct. DC has released toys and barbies for the young and adult females. Unbiased of course, to the males that may enjoy or collect them. It displays how the company views their female characters—this female warrior and I am certainly happy to see the heroine come forth, showing young girls that there's a hero in all forms. Whether it becomes a hit or a miss, this movie, Wonder Woman, will be that remarkable beacon to show us unity next year. We will see the first of a lot more to come from the DCEU.

Catch Suicide Squad this year on August 5th, and Wonder Woman on June 2, 2017.

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