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When you watch a TV show long enough, you get attached to the characters. Maybe not all of them, but there are those select few that you root for. You want them to have a long and happy life doing whatever it is they're doing on the show. At least that's how I am.

I've long been a fan of paranormal and fantasy television, but you can't watch those types of shows without facing the hard reality that someone, at some point, is going to die. Good writers make those deaths so memorable you can't forget them. And even after the show has been cancelled or has gone off the air, whenever you watch those episodes again, you're gutted. Here are three character deaths that can still make me cry.

3. Prue Halliwell From Charmed

I knew Shannon Doherty was leaving the show, but I wasn't looking forward to it. I couldn't prepare myself for the show without her. And though this scene made it final, it was the aftershock — like Piper's inability to accept her sister's death — that made it more heart-wrenching. Even though it was painful to watch, I like that Charmed didn't just gloss over Prue's death; it was important that she be mourned. Prue was one of the original three "charmed" ones, and as much as I wanted to like Paige as much, I never could. I believe Prue's shoes were just too hard to fill.

2. Winifred 'Fred' Burkle From Angel

After three seasons of loving her, Wesley finally found happiness in the arms of the woman he loved, only to have everything he'd hoped for ripped away the very next episode. This scene — where he's trying to tell her to hold on — was one of the most traumatic of the series. She wanted desperately to stay with him, but as Angel and Spike rushed to find a cure for her, she just couldn't hold on. Alexis Denisof (Wesley) and Amy Acker (Fred) should have won Emmys for the depth of emotion they portrayed in this scene alone!

1. Joyce Summers From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This scene breaks my heart every time. That moment when Buffy realizes her mother is cold and asks if she should warm her is so painful. The viewers know then that Joyce Summers, the mother who didn't quite understand her vampire slayer daughter, wouldn't be coming back. Though we didn't want to lose Joyce, this loss pushed Buffy into becoming an adult, and it forced her to become a parental figure to Dawn. To this day, this is one of my favorite episodes of Buffy the The Vampire Slayer, even though it brings tears every time I watch.

There are plenty of other character deaths that still hit me in the heart, but these three are ones I don't think I'll ever get over, mainly because I was addicted to Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. These were characters I grew to love, and in a moment, they were ripped away. While it's evidence of good writing, it's also a testament to the actors who played these parts. They were the reasons the tears came, not the actual deaths. And, for me, these shows were never the same without Prue, Fred, and Joyce.

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