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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things. If you haven't finished the season yet, come back once you have.

The newest Netflix series is upon us in the form of the Duffer brothers' sci-fi mystery, Stranger Things. Seeing how this series is only eight chapters (a.k.a. episodes) long, it's a bit easier to binge and get through it quickly. However, not everyone has managed to get through it as quickly as some of us have, so I will warn again that this article does contain massive spoilers.

What Is The Deal With Stranger Things?

Stranger Things basically follows the events within the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana after a young boy goes missing. This show pretty much has everything including and overtones, as well as some serious intrigue. For me personally, I thought this show was phenomenal and very gripping. The cast was great, the timeline worked perfectly, and the story itself was interesting.

Another thing that show creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, did a great job with was giving us something to stick around for because they didn't quite wrap everything up. With this article we'll focus on five big questions we were left scratching our heads about after finishing Stranger Things. While some might think the answers are right in front of us, some might not have picked up on everything. If you think you know the answers, or have an awesome theory, let us know in the comments!

Final disclaimer: This article contains massive spoilers for Season 1 of 'Stranger Things.' If you haven't finished the series, come back once you have.

5. Is 011 alive?

011 (a.k.a. El) was definitely an interesting character throughout the season. We learned about her origins and why she had the abilities that she did, so the Duffer brothers did a pretty good job with unraveling the mystery around her. However, the finale left us still wondering about 011's decision and her potential future.

The finale leaves us with the monster being defeated by 011 in an attempt to protect Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, and all of Hawkins, from its power. As a result, 011 vanishes and is believed to be gone after sacrificing herself. However, Chief Hopper's final scene involves him leaving Christmas party leftovers, and 011's coveted Eggo waffles, in a box in the middle of the woods. This leaves us with the main question: Is 011 still alive, or is she merely trapped in the "upside down" like Will and Barb were?

4. What Did The Government Agents Say, Or Do, To Chief Hopper?

We learn about halfway through the season that the feds were onto Chief Hopper because he figured out what was going on. His nosiness into the Dept. of Energy building in Hawkins didn't necessarily shake the pressure off of him either. Not to mention he and Joyce managed to return from the "upside down" with Will alive after Dr. Brenner said there was no way they'd return.

In the finale, Hopper is swept up and taken by the feds after 011 vanishes in the midst of the fight with the monster. One month later, we are shown him taking food and leaving it in the middle of the woods. As mentioned above, it's assumed this food is for 011 but there's no way of knowing. The main question regarding Hopper is, what did the feds say or do to him? Is he now a government employee? Is he being forced to do this or is he doing it voluntarily?

3. What Exactly Was The Figure With No Face?

This "monster" is described and somewhat seen throughout the whole series as a man with no face. As it turned out, this creature was more of a freaky, alien type thing with a face that looks straight out of the Resident Evil franchise and inhabits the "upside down" realm. Not to mention it has a high thirst for blood. However, we are never really told what it was or where it came from.

Mr. Clarke's explanation of the "upside down" is really the only hint that we get regarding the origins of this entity. It's also hinted that it can amplify and increase power based upon electric charges and signals, as well as telepathy and the ability to freely transfer from realm to realm. My main question about the figure with no face is, what is it and where did it come from? Alien? Yet another science experiment gone wrong? We never really find out for sure.

2. How Did They Explain Will's Return?

Will is believed to be dead at the end of "Chapter #3: Holly, Jolly" after his body is discovered in the quarry. However, "Chapter #4: The Body" shows a different story, as Joyce is convinced the body found was not her son. Despite her claims, a funeral does move forward and the Hawkins community mourns the loss of Will Byers together. However, our believed reality is turned upside down when Chief Hopper discovers that the body in the morgue is a stuffed dummy of Will and not the real body.

Now, seeing how the entire community believed Will was dead, it begs the curiosity of how Will's return was explained. Seeing how top secret Hawkins National Laboratory's experiments were, I highly doubt they would have spilled the beans about how they faked a young boy's death to protect their own property and cover their real work up. There had to have been some other explanation cooked up, so what was it? How exactly did they explain Will's return?

1. Is Will Actually Back?

Perhaps the biggest question from Stranger Things is the final glimpse of the Byers family at Christmas dinner. Just prior to the final shot, Will excuses himself to the restroom to wash his hands when he coughs up a strange looking, slug type creature that slimes its way down the sink drain. He also flashes back to the alternate "upside down" reality.

I've seen enough sci-fi offerings to know that what you see isn't always what we get. My initial curiosity, aside from what Will spit up into the sink, was whether Will was actually back or not. What if 011 somehow permanently distorted reality with her energy defense against the monster? It very well could be just a flashback from the trauma that Will experienced while inside of the alternate reality, or maybe the creature he spit up was keeping him connected to the "upside down."


What did you think of Stranger Things?


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