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Ok, my apologies for the long hiatus! One thing I have noticed in my absence is that a lot of new developments have come about in film, especially regarding the DC Cinematic Universe, and that's a good thing! It's about time DC Comics got their second wind with their live-action films! Love em or hate em, DC Comics is building momentum in Hollywood again, which brings about a ton of speculation for their cinematic future! At the cusp of that is their trademark superhero team - the Justice League!

With the recent opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics has their foot in the door to ignite a series of films centering on the Justice League starting in 2017, with the cast of BvS reprising their respective roles and a few new faces taking on new roles, like JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Amber Heard as Mera, to name a few! However, any comic book fan knows that there's MUCH more to the Justice League than the "Magnificent 7," so that brings about a lot of speculation as to who should take on various roles in future Justice League films! I'm always a supporter of new actors establishing themselves in these roles, but what about some established actors whose credentials make them worthy candidates to help this franchise take off?! Like many fans, I have a few ideas of my own, and I'm gonna share them with you RIGHT NOW!

My name is Action, and this is my Casting Call for the DC Cinematic Universe's Justice League!


Starting off with the lovely and deadly Black Canary, this character has gained a lot of popularity over the years! She's easily one of the best pure fighters in the Justice League, which gives her the luxury of not having to rely on her superpowers to get herself out of a jam! This role should go to Charlize Theron! Aside from the fact that she does literally look like Canary, her acting credits make her a great choice to take on this role! Think about her exploits of bad-assery in her films: titular role in Aeon Flux, Mary Embry in Hancock, Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman, Imperator Furiosa in Max Max: Fury Road, to name a few! There's no doubt in my mind that she'd take the role of Black Canary and make it something memorable, and without much "combat grooming" required to prepare her, Charlize is your girl!


So it's recently been reported that Matt Damon is interested in working alongside long-time friend Ben Affleck for a superhero movie (article linked below)! Granted, the article caveats that Ben needs to be the director, but I doubt that'd be a sole limitation for Matt! If he is able to look past that, though, I think he should throw his name in the hat for Hal Jordan! We know Matt Damon can crack jokes on screen, and his Jason Bourne films merit his potential for a superhero role! Combine all of that with his natural charisma, and he can pull off Hal Jordan very well, especially with Zack Snyder's direction! Personally, I think they should look past Hal Jordan and try a new Green Lantern approach with these upcoming films, hence my next candidate!

LINK: Matt Damon Wants to Be a Superhero Provided Ben Affleck is the Director


While he can be light-hearted at times, John Stewart was more of a no-nonsense Green Lantern in general! If you've ever watched the Showtime series Dexter, you're familiar with Erik King's performance as Sgt. Dokes, who is just that: a no-nonsense police officer who gets down to business! I couldn't help but think of him when the "new Green Lantern" debate sparked! He's got the attitude and the build to effectively pull off John Stewart, and his acting style lets him create good chemistry on screen with his fellow actors! Considering he hasn't done much in his post-Dexter career, this would be a great opportunity for him to jump back into the spotlight, and he'd surely have a great time as John Stewart!


I think it's pretty well-established that there's a certain presence Hugh Laurie presents in pretty much everything he's in! He can be bizarre, outgoing, mysterious, and even comical! House, M.D. established most of these characteristics in his acting style, and I think that translates well to Dr. Fate, especially since Fate always has that presence that makes other characters go "Oh snap, it's Dr. Fate!" Depending on what backstory you look at, Dr. Fate can either be one sorcerer with a troubled past, or an entity that takes over its host when someone puts on the helmet! There's no telling which direction Warner Bros. would go in the Cinematic Universe, but either way, Hugh Laurie would give a phenomenal performance!


As of this article, the role of Shazam is still in the air, but there's a reason I picked two nominees for this one! I personally favor Joe Manganiello to take the role because he prides himself in fitness and can be both intense and funny in his roles! His credits include Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man Trilogy, Lt. Sean Macklin in Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, and (for the ladies) Big Dick Richie in the Magic Mike films! He's even had a few really good television roles, such as Marshall Erikson's lawyer friend Brad Morris in How I Met Your Mother (which explored his child-like comedy nature), and werewolf Alcide Herveaux in True Blood! He'd definitely have fun on screen being the "10-year-old in a muscle man's body" Shazam!

As for my second pick (which I assure you is not a troll post), this is simply speculation, because I get the feeling that John Cena would be a contender for Shazam for two reasons! First, he's kid-friendly! WWE always plays up the fact that kids love John Cena, and he's become a company face because of it in the company's PG era! Casting him as Shazam would grab the attention of the kids who flock to WWE shows to see him, thus bringing the DC Comics franchise to today's youth! Second, part of me feels that someone in Warner Bros. would jump at the chance to have John Cena cast opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and turn that "wrestling icon rivalry" into a "hero/villain rivalry" on the big screen! It wouldn't surprise me at all if this happened, and I'm sure many wrestling fans wouldn't complain one bit! Still, despite his speculation, my pick is Manganiello!


Before you start raging at me, I must note that DC Comics has established the fact that their Television Universe and Cinematic Universe do not cross, so as much as I love Stephen Amell's performance, that means he's out! Therefore, I'm going with Ryan Phillippe! Based on his acting credits, he can adjust to pretty much any type of role! He's done crime/action (The Way of the Gun, Stop-Loss), horror (I Know What You Did Last Summer), comedy (Company Man, McGruber, hosting Saturday Night Live), and even drama (Playing by Heart, Cruel Intentions)! With his experience in all of these roles, he can combine all of that and translate it into an effective Oliver Queen performance! Being the natural blonde that he is helps with the look, too!


A superhero role like this is right up Jim Carrey's alley! We know that with the release of Kick-Ass 2, Jim's been rather vocal about this stance against movie violence; however, that's the beauty of a role like this! Plastic Man is a comical-type character who generally doesn't really brutalize or kill any of his opponents! He is more commonly known to use his powers in more of a constrictive "stop the bad guy from getting away" kind of manner, all while cracking jokes nonstop! Jim Carrey is perfect for that, and it would even help him regain what hope he may have lost in superhero roles! He would definitely have fun doing it as well!


This is another two-fer I'm nominating because Warner Bros. can go a couple different directions with Martian Manhunter! For starters, they can CG him and have an actor provide a deep, commanding voice to the character! In that sense, Idris Elba would be a fantastic pick! He's got a voice that can send chills down your spine in an intense setting like what we would see with Martian Manhunter, and he's got enough experience to make that happen very effectively! As for Peter Mensah, I imagine the other possibility to be bringing on a well-built, well-established action star with a commanding voice, painting him green, and putting him in front of the camera! Peter Mensah's performance in the Spartacus series, as well as his one-shot appearances in shows like True Blood, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Burn Notice, make him a worthy contender in my eyes! Whichever direction Warner Bros. decides to take Martian Manhunter, these gentlemen wouldn't disappoint!


Now I'm sure there are probably tons of other candidates you might consider before Selena Gomez, but think about it! She's young, she's very attractive, and she's made a name for herself on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, where she played a young witch with a habit of using magic to get herself into and out of trouble! That is...pretty much Zatanna! Plus, there's that "she kinda looks like a Zatanna" element that made me think of her! Selena can definitely do it! Keep an open mind!


As I explained earlier, we have to omit the Television Universe actors for these next two characters, so Falk Hentschel and Ciara Renée are out! That being said, Gerard Butler is the only one that comes to mind to play Hawkman! For a character with an amazing build and melee combat prowess, Hawkman can be portrayed effectively by someone like Gerard Butler! I think of his role as Kind Leonidas in 300 when I compare his acting credits to Hawkman, and as the most skilled officer of Thanagar's Elite Hawkmen Force, Hawkman's character needs to be portrayed by someone who can relay that kind of authority on screen! Gerard Butler's just right for that kind of role!


There have been many characters who took up the moniker of Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman, but I think we can all agree that Shayera Hol is the most famous! I thought about Elsa Pataky as a candidate mainly due to her role as Elena Neves in the Fast and Furious films! While her character was an accomplished combatant who could more than hold her own in a fight, she was also an effective supporting character when paired with other characters of the film, namely Luke Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)! Hawkgirl has always seemed like that type of character to me, being extremely dangerous in combat while also being just as effective side-by-side with a teammate (namely Hawkman)! Granted, Fast 8 is slated for 2017 and she'll be reprising her role once again, but assuming her time with the franchise (or the franchise itself) will be finished at that point, Hawkgirl is a great future role for her to consider!


SAM!!! Surely, our Supernatural fans know who this is! I'm honestly surprised Jared Padalecki hasn't already broken into the superhero film genre! Even Jensen Ackles has had some superhero exposure in the DC Animated Universe as Jason Todd/Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood! To fix that, I think he'd be a great fit as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle! Ted Kord has no superpowers, but is a highly-skilled martial artist and has genius-level intellect that rivals even Batman! Also, being a character known for using his wit in addition to his skills, Ted Kord would be a great character for Jared Padalecki to tackle! Personally, I really hope Warner Bros. considers dropping Ted Kord into the Cinematic Universe because his eventual death sets up an opening to introduce Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle for a Teen Titans film (which I've already covered, but will soon write a follow-up article for more Titans roles)!


All things considered, you can't have Ted Kord/Blue Beetle without Booster Gold! Booster Gold is a hero from the future, and while he has no superpowers, he IS an excellent athlete, and his "abilities" come from his gear: wrist-mounted blasters, a Legion flight ring, time-travel circuitry, and a suit that gives him superhuman strength, to name a few! Also, he's...kind of a douchebag! Booster Gold's very full of himself, considering himself a celebrity in his own right, and he's not afraid to talk himself up! Alan Ritchson came to mind when thinking about actors who can capture Booster Gold's self-obsessed attitude while having the physical prowess to fill in the role! Ritchson's credits include Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, District 1 tribute Gloss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the voice of Raphael in the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films! Based on this filmography, he's played a jock, a fighter, and...well, a douchebag! Sums up Booster Gold pretty well, don't you think?!

So there you have it! A few of my prospects to fill out the Justice League in the DC Cinematic Universe! There will be more to come in the future with Justice League roles! What are your thoughts?! Who do you think would make a good impression in the Justice League?! Give me your thoughts in the comments below!

That's My Story, and I'm Stickin' To It!