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The world is very accepting and open today, at least compared to how it used to be. Still, it's no secret that we've still got a long way to go when it comes to acceptance and representation, especially for people of the LGBT community.

However, that hasn't stopped many of our favorite pop and geek culture properties from creating (or updating) characters to represent those who are so scarcely represented. To prove it, here are 5 pop culture characters you didn't realize were LGBT!

1. Wonder Woman

Kicking things off on the list is the Amazonian Princess herself, Wonder Woman! Diana Prince is a staple of the comic book world, repping it for the ladies by standing side-by-side with the likes of Batman and Superman since the '40s!

Hearing that Wonder Woman is a member of the LGBT community might surprise people, seeing as how until recently her partners included regular ol' Steve Trevor and her fellow Trinity member Superman.

But it's most likely true that Wonder Woman is LGBT- specifically, she's probably bisexual. The evidence is in the issue Wonder Woman #2, which shows Wonder Woman getting a very affectionate kiss on the cheek from her fellow Amazonian warrior, Kasia.

Why You Didn't Know

Part of the Rebirth line of DC Comics, Wonder Woman #2 only released a few days ago, so it's understandable that not a lot of people know about Diana's reveal.

Another reason you probably didn't know Wonder Woman was bisexual is because the comic doesn't even outright say it. In fact, it sort of tries to hide it in a way. Kasia and Diana never actually say anything about a relationship, it's only implied. There's even a scene involving other Amazonians seemingly talking about Diana's relationships, implying that she's dated other women on the island.

It's likely that DC wanted to slowly ease people into the fact that Wonder Woman is bi. The reveal of an LGBT character is still (unfortunately) a controversial topic, and revealing that one of DC's iconic Trinity is bisexual will most certainly cause some heated debate.

2. Sailor Neptune (And Uranus)

While we're on the subject of tall, powerful princesses you probably didn't know were LGBT, here's a double feature in the form of Sailors Neptune and Uranus (stop laughing)!

Whether you like to admit it or not, you probably watched Sailor Moon at some point in your life. The classic anime originally marketed towards young girls has become a childhood favorite of both boys and girls. It's become one of the biggest "gateway anime" out there, alongside Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z!

In the show, two of the main characters, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus (don't laugh), are in a loving relationship, with fighting crime being their usual go-to date night!

Why You Didn't Know

If you were a Japanese fan, you would have caught on quickly to Uranus and Neptune's obvious flirting. However, if you were an American fan, you might have caught on, but for extremely wrong reasons. See, in order to avoid controversy, the original Sailor Moon anime was heavily censored, changing Sailor Neptune and Uranus from a loving cousins.

The animation team tried as hard as they could to get rid of any indication that these two were anything but relatives, but some of their flirting stayed in the US version. This led many to believe that they were in an incestuous relationship. This is a rare case where censoring a controversial topic actually makes it MORE controversial!

3. This Militia Guy From Arkham Knight

Due to their huge fan followings, you probably already know that Batman: Arkham antagonists Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman are all bisexual. However, I bet you didn't know that the Arkhamverse has another LGBT character, in the form of this militia guy!

Well, maybe not THIS particular militia guy, but it very well could be. It's pretty hard to tell these guys apart, since they all wear the same clothing and miraculously have the same body type.

Anyway, in the game Batman: Arkham Knight, you can listen in on several different conversations between thugs, police, and the Arkham Knight's own militia. At one point, you can hear a couple of militia members talking about their loved ones. One of them drops the "he" pronoun twice when talking about his significant other.

'Militia member' may not be a huge pop culture character, but the Arkham series is largely integrated into our culture, and the fact that they thought to put in this little detail is a win for LGBT representation.

Why You Didn't Know?

Look, when you're running around Gotham City as the Batman, and you've only got beating criminals up on your mind, sometimes you miss the little conversations they have. Especially when you immediately start beating them up before they can start said conversations.

4. John Constantine

That's right; the "Hellblazer" himself, John Constantine, is bisexual. Despite being a regular ladies' man, Constantine has also managed to woo a few men in his life. The comic Constantine: Hellblazer #1 back in 2015 sees John Constantine flirting with a cafe server, putting his special brand of charm on the man.

Why You Didn't Know

The topic of Constantine's bisexuality hasn't really been mentioned much in the comics, and it hasn't been touched upon at all in the films. Apart from a few mentions here and there, you wouldn't really know that the supernatural detective "played for both teams".

5. Jillian Holtzmann

Like the actress who brought her to life, Jillian Holtzmann is gay. Holtzmann is one of the main characters in the new Ghostbusters, along with a variety of other SNL greats.

Kate McKinnon, who portrays Holtzmann, has been openly gay for her entire acting career, so it's no surprise that she would bring her own personality with her when playing the character.

Why You Didn't Know

This is actually a classic case of studio interference. Paul Feig, the director of Ghostbusters, revealed in an interview with The Daily Beast that McKinnon's character is gay- but he couldn't exactly say it because Sony didn't want him to.

As I said before in regards to Wonder Woman, the reveal of an LGBT character is usually pretty controversial. However, with Jillian Holtzmann being a completely new character in the Ghostbusters world, it's a bit odd that Feig wasn't able to reveal her sexuality in the film.

There you have it- five pop culture characters I bet you didn't know were LGBT! Hopefully one day, LGBT characters won't be so controversial, and everyone will be represented in media equally.

Thanks For Reading! Who's Your Favorite LGBT Character?


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