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With Season 5 heralding the end of Arrow's flashbacks, we're sure to discover how Oliver Queen became a Bratva captain, but viewers are wondering if we'll see the Brotherhood in reality as well. Oliver turned on Alexi Leonov in Season 2 when he was desperate to find Deathstroke. That action ultimately led to Alexi's death, and like any mafia, the Bratva would hate to lose one of its own. Since the Bratva isn't known to forgive easily, we have to consider Oliver's newest enemy, or at least one of them, will be connected.

Some viewers might think it's too late for the Bratva to seek revenge now as it's been over two years, but look how long it took Slade Wilson to plot his revenge — there is no time limit on vengeance. And I have never believed Oliver would get away with what is considered a betrayal without severe repercussions. Every other time he has betrayed someone — whether it was real or not — it has come back to bite him. We had two very big examples of this in Season 2 and 4.

Shado Is Killed

When Slade found out that Oliver had supposedly chosen Sara over Shado, he felt betrayed and immediately wanted revenge. His burning desire to see Oliver suffer enabled him to survive despite a life-ending injury and brought him to Starling City, where he began systematically destroying Oliver's life. Ultimately, Slade Wilson turned Thea's life upside down by telling her Malcolm Merlyn was her father, revealed Oliver's secret to Laurel Lance, killed Moira Queen, and nearly brought the city to its knees all because he felt betrayed.

Oliver Reveals Damien Darhk's Identity And His Misdeeds

Damien Darhk was a man who preferred to keep his polished side facing the citizens of Star City. He certainly didn't want to be outed as the man behind the Ghosts, the criminal team that had been raining havoc down on Star City. So when Oliver held a press conference and showed his face to all citizens, it riled Darhk. As we know, Darhk responded with gunfire. Not once, but twice:

And both times he intended for people to die.

That was the first of many evils Damien Darhk would bestow upon the city, and it started with Oliver's desire to protect those he loved. Darhk, though, saw it as a betrayal, and his response was swift and brutal.

So with Arrow's propensity for highlighting revenge, it only stands to reason that we haven't seen the last of the Bratva in present day. We've only gotten glimpses of the upcoming enemies in Season 5, but it won't surprise me if one of them has ties to the Russian Brotherhood.

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