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The Known World is a dangerous place full of dangerous people. Murders are carried out on a daily basis, either in the quest for the Iron Throne, in honor, or in the name of religion. If there was an official competition to find the most dangerous character in Game of Thrones, the candidates would be queuing all the way from Braavos to Kings Landing.

The Mountain is a colossal, fearless beast. Cersei is conniving and vicious. Little Finger is the king of manipulation. Dany has dragons on her side (actual, fire-breathing dragons). Jon Snow is a courageous warrior, and possibly the Prince that was Promised. And The Hound is on a brutal and bloody path of revenge.

Although these names spring to mind immediately, there could be one candidate who is actually the most dangerous character in the world of Game of Thrones: Arya Stark. She is undoubtedly now a skilful assassin following her internship in homicide at The House of Black and White, and her unique chain of events could make her the baddest of them all.

The Might Of The Faceless Men

Arya during her training with The Faceless Men
Arya during her training with The Faceless Men

Considering The Faceless Men are a collection of highly skilled and highly effective killers, Arya's training alone is enough to make her a dangerous force. However, an exploration into the often eccentric processes within the cult highlights why Maisie Williams' character is particularly dangerous.

Originating from the free town of Braavos — with stealth tentacles spread across The Known World — the religious group see themselves as servants of the Many-Faced God (also known as The God of Death) and are feared and admired for their extraordinary efficiency.

As we witnessed during Arya's training at the hands of Jaqen H'ghar, they have the ability to transform and hide their identity through the use of potions, skill and training, giving the appearance of magic. Their covert operations also make many deaths look like an accident, adding to the air of mysticism that surrounds them. Plus, Jaqen H'ghar is a badass.

A Request For Sacrifice

Their devotion to the The Many-Faced God also adds a layer of complexity. Although they are hitmen for hire, their perspective on death, which they see as a gift, means that they ask for a substantial sacrifice from those who turn to their services. Money makes the world go round, but it isn't always enough for The Faceless Men to get the job done.

Although they once asked for two thirds of a rich man's wealth as payment, they will often ask for things of a more eclectic nature. Occasionally, they may ask their "client" (that word definitely seems too timid) to trade in a child as their sacrifice. In turn, they'll carry out the contract, and train the child to become one of The Faceless Men themselves.

Jaqen H'ghar as a Faceless Man
Jaqen H'ghar as a Faceless Man

Essentially, what they require is something of deep meaning from those requesting their services, seen by The Faceless Men as essential to part with the gift of death. Their demands are often so extortionate and relevant to the status of the person proposed to kill, Lord Baelish told the Small Council the cost to assassinate Daenerys Targaryen by using the murderous cult would be more than an entire army.

Is Arya Stark Really The Most Dangerous Person In Westeros?

So, we know The Faceless Men are highly dangerous, but will only impose their lethal means for a high price. And, here's the thing: Arya has the best of both worlds. She's been trained to the level of the Faceless Men, but has absolved herself from the chains of principle.

Her assassination of Walder Frey highlighted that she is now fully autonomous, and able to obscure her identity in the manner of The Faceless Men. She is also uncompromisingly brutal, putting her cooking skills to the test in the most sadistic way possible.

When you add things together, it's hard not view Arya as the outstanding candidate, the killer stood at the front of the queue for the "Game of Thrones Most Deadly" competition.

Lord Baelish has observed the high cost of payment to kill someone as high ranking as Dany, essentially ruling out Jaqen H'ghar and pals. Without being bound by belief, this means Arya could do something the other Faceless Men can't: She can kill the Queen.

Could we possibly see Arya attempt to kill Cersei? Or even Daenerys? Either way, it's safe to say one of Game of Thrones deadliest is going to have a big role to play over the next few seasons.

Do you think Arya Stark could be the most dangerous character?

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