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The characters of Archer have come a long way since the show first started back in 2009; they've gone from being spies at the unfortunately acronymed International Secret Intelligence Service, to running a drug cartel, to contracting with the CIA. Now that FX has officially renewed the series for its eighth, ninth and tenth seasons, we can be sure we'll get to see the whole gang back in inappropriate action as private detectives in The Figgis Agency.

Since you never know what to expect from Archer, the following fan artists decided to go crazy and reimagine the characters as other pop culture symbols. Check them out now, and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. :)

1. International Secret Muppet Service

Artist: tsukinoyagami

The characters of Archer get a Jim Henson twist: Kermit as the Duchess himself, Miss Piggy as Lana Kane, Sweetums as Pam Poovey. Unfortunately, Mallory couldn't make it, but seriously, how good is Pam!?

While it's kind of weird to think of the Muppets spitting raunchy lines of dialogue like they do on Archer, we might not be so far away from an R-rated, Archer-style Muppet adventure called The Happytime Gang.

2. Pam O'Lakes

Artist: LeonRyan

You can take the girl out of the dairy farm, but you can't take the dairy farm out of the girl. Artist LeonRyan took inspiration from Pam's childhood home, combined with the girl from the Land O'Lakes logo, and worked it all into a great graphic to print onto t-shirts.

3. The Rocky Archer Picture Show

Artist: profratigan39

Profratigan39 realized that Cyril kind of looks like the original Brad Majors, so she decided to cast all the Archer characters in their own RHPS roles. Malory is so perfect as Magenta!

4. My Little Archer

Artist: Sner2000

Do not mess with these My Little Ponies. They will literally kick your ass.

5. Pamilyn Monroe

Artist: fluffy0w0

You probably recognize the dress as the one Pam wore to Edie's wedding in Season 6, but the Marilyn pose comes courtesy of artist fluffy0w0.

6. SI Swim Suit Edition: The Ladies Of Archer

Artist: Sterling Archer

Okay, so this one isn't technically fan art, since it was part of an ad campaign for Archer in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition back in April. The original magazine pic featured Pam in an emoji-covered one piece opposite the page from supermodel Chanel Imam. Lana and Cheryl got their own shoots featured on the Sports Illustrated website.

7. Gay Terminator

Artist: Mister Crowbar

Phrasing! Ray Gillette is the one, the only Gay Terminator.

8. Real People

Artist: Marton Adam Marton

YouTuber Marton Adam Marton decided to render the iconic cartoon characters in a realistic style. While the spy antics and blood splatter wouldn't really work as well in a live-action show, it's still cool to think about what Archer would be like with real people. Check out the time lapse video of Marton's talent in action, or go here to see the whole cast.

What's your favorite Archer fan art?


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