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Archer, the hit FX original series by Adam Reed has become one of the biggest animated adult-oriented shows on television! Move over Family Guy and The Simpsons, the modern age of adult animated comedy is dominated by everyone's favorite spoiled rich spy!

The spy thriller ended its seventh season in June, followed by an immediate renewal for three more action-packed seasons. Season 7 ended in a rather dark way, with the possible death of its titular character.

However, now that the show has been renewed, it's likely we'll be seeing Archer get back up in time for Season 8! To commerate both the show's and the characte's triumphant return, I thought I'd share with you some epic facts about the series. Here are 8 facts you didn't know about Archer!

1. It Wasn't Always Called Archer

Surprisingly, the show wasn't always going to be called Archer. In fact, the name change came during the last few days of animating the opening sequence. The team took a good look at their original name and decided that it didn't really work.

What was that name? Well, the show was still going to be about Sterling Archer, but rather than be titled after the character, they initially named the show 'Duchess' after Archer's codename and the name of Malory's dog.

2. Homage To The Original Spy

It probably won't surprise you to hear that Archer is based on the 007 series of spy films/novels. Archer himself is loosely based on the star of 007, James Bond. The inspiration goes a little farther than them both being spies who dress nice, they also share the same taste in firearms.

Archer's usual go-to weapon is a pistol called the Walther PPK. This gun may seem like your average spy pistol, but it's actually the same weapon used by many iterations of James Bond in the films, including the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig versions!

3. "Archered Development"

Archer shares several cast members with another cult favorite comedy series, Arrested Development. In fact, both shows are strikingly similar when you look at them.

Both Archer and Arrested Development center around the constant bickering of a family or group of friends, and they each are constantly using catchphrases and callbacks to moments in previous episodes. On top of that, Adam Reed even first described the series as "James Bond meets Arrested Development", acknowledging both of the show's inspirations.

4. Baby Crazy

Though Archer has many inspirations, the show has quickly become an inspiration itself, especially for a lot of young adults. In 2014, the name Archer skyrocketed to the top of the newborn baby names list.

Many have attributed this to the success of the show in the young adult demographic. Archer would have been four years old in 2014, giving the show plenty of time to have contributed to hundreds of awesomely-named newborns!

5. Thank Tumblr For Jon Hamm's Cameo

Archer is known for its many celebrity cameos, from Burt Reynolds as himself to Christian Slater as the FBI agent Slater (who was basically Christian Slater but in the FBI).

One cameo that was pretty hard to get, but really wanted by executive producer Matt Thompson, was that of Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame.

Luckily, Thompson convinced him to appear as Captain Murphy in a two-part episode, after showing Hamm a Tumblr page that matched screengrabs of Mad Men with Archer quotes.So the lesson here is to always thank Tumblr for making fan-fiction a reality!

6. Live-Action Casting

Speaking of Jon Hamm, his time with the Archer franchise may not be over yet! Like every insanely popular pop culture series, Archer has been the subject of many conversations surrounding a possible live-action film adaption.

While nothing has been confirmed, show producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis revealed that they would definitely want Hamm to play the role of Archer. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Archer voice actor H. Jon Benjamin play the role. I know he doesn't look the part, but how can you ever replace that incredible voice?!

7. An Expert Voice Actor Cameo

In a blink-an-you'll-miss-it kind of cameo, Archer features an appearance by a pretty notable voice actor, Dave Fennoy, who voices George the train porter in a Season 3 episode of Archer. If you don't know who Fennoy is, you still might recognize his voice as being attached to several different TV shows and video games, such as Ben 10 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the CGI version, not the 2D animated series).

His most famous roles include Lee Everett in The Walking Dead Telltale video game and T'Chaka, father of the Black Panther, in Ultimate Avengers 2!

Fennoy is also known as "The Hulu Guy", because he voices the five-second message that you hear ("The following program is brought to you by) before you can binge-watch your favorite shows with zero shame. Okay, maybe a little shame...

8. Pushing The Envelope

Archer is known for being pretty raunchy and controversial. However, even the wild antics of Archer and his friends have to answer to censors.

FX had a major complaint about one Archer plot point in particular, which saw Archer sleeping with Anka, the daughter of a German billionaire who appears in the first episode of Season 2.

Anka was originally going to be 14 years old, the age of consent in Germany. Her age was changed to 16 when FX said that they didn't care what the age of consent is in Germany, "it's not the age of consent at FX". Archer and Anka also didn't end up sleeping together.

So there you have it, 8 extraordinary facts you probably didn't know about Archer! I know we're all excited to jump back into the exciting world of espionage, but until we know when the next three seasons are coming out, we'll have to settle for bingeing the hell out of the current 7 seasons of Archer to wait!

Thanks For Reading! What's Your Favorite Archer Fact?


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