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Everything Arseface says might be painfully lisped out of a gaping facial anus, but he seems like a pretty nice kid regardless; so what's the deal with this rectum-faced recluse?

So far in the show we've seen our hapless character, also known as Eugene, be bullied by his peers and even told by his own father — in a moment of exasperation — to "finish the job" on his botched suicide, only to be "accidentally" thrown into the pits of hell by the good . But, what is this truly bizarre character's origin story and what's it like to be an actor trapped inside an arse?

I was always afraid that this character would be too extreme to even make it to our screens, but thankfully showrunners realized that there is more to this grotesque guy than meets the eye, and below is everything you need to know to get what makes Arseface tick.

Why The Arseface?

Before he became Arseface
Before he became Arseface

begins his life in the Preacher comic books as an unnamed Nirvana obsessed teen who is relentlessly beaten and ridiculed by his racist, redneck father, Sheriff Root.

Little Arseface-to-be is so traumatized by being made to feel like a disappointment in the family home and persistent bullying at school that he makes a suicide pact with his friend Pube to go out with a bang like their idol, Kurt.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Arseface manages to misplace the shotgun and blasts the lower part of his face off while his friend Pube dies instantly.

Arseface comes to terms with his injury in the 'Preacher' comic
Arseface comes to terms with his injury in the 'Preacher' comic

On the show, there have been some pretty serious changes to Arseface's origin story, some of which are a reflection of the time period and others for reasons that are, as yet, unclear.

The Kurt Cobain backstory has been entirely erased in the AMC show, probably because the idea of a teenager in 2016 killing themselves for a long-dead grunge star seems ridiculous.

Instead, the reasoning behind Eugene's attempted suicide is tied to a girl named Tracy Loach. After his affections were rejected, a spurned Eugene shot Tracy in the head with a shotgun, but she survived the blast. After this event, a guilt-ridden Eugene tries, and fails, to take his own life.

Tracy Loach in AMC's 'Preacher'
Tracy Loach in AMC's 'Preacher'

A Quest For Vengeance

Fans of the Preacher show might want to close their eyes and scroll through this bit because potential spoilers about Arseface's comic arc are coming up in the next section.

Vengeance will be mine!
Vengeance will be mine!

After Arseface is facially disfigured, he focuses his energies on becoming the perfect son to his father to try and erase the disappointment of his long-haired, pot smoking past.

After an encounter with the Saint of Killers and Jesse Custer leaves Arseface's dad without a penis (a fate mercifully suffered by Clive on the show), the uber macho sheriff choses to shoot himself instead of living a dick-less life. His devastated son vows to take vengeance on Jesse Custer and sets about pursuing the Preacher on a motorcycle to avenge his father's death.

Rock N' Roll Arseface

Rock out Arseface!
Rock out Arseface!

After failing to kill Custer due to his own intrinsic good nature, Arseface finally has a moment of triumph where he becomes a celebrated rock star.

A chance encounter with a balcony band leads to our anus-faced hero being snapped up by manager Gene Sergeant. Teenagers all around the world caught Arse-mania and Arseface gained unlikely status as a youth idol who rocketed to the heights of fame and power — that is, until the suicides started.

As scores of teenagers begin to shoot themselves with shotguns (which obviously echoes Arseface's own origin story), angry parents sue on the behalf of their dead or disfigured kids and extinguish the rock n' roll dream as quickly as it began.

What is your favorite Arseface moment from the Preacher comics?

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