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Described as the most wildest, "bestest bro" you could ever hope to meet, despite Cassidy being 119 years dead his age doesn't hinder him from living life to the fullest. A morally corrupt Irish vampire, he's an unlikely sidekick for our Preacher, what with being a former member of the Irish Volunteers — which later became the IRA — and surviving mostly on a diet of mischief making, booze, drugs and, of course, blood.

via AMC
via AMC

His introduction to AMC's adaptation, developed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, was by far the most fun, and highlighted some of his most notable personality traits within a few short minutes. Addiction, tick. Banter, tick. Superhuman strength, tick. Badass fighting, tick. Blood dependency, tick.

Cassidy's second scene in Preacher further spotlights his blood-dependancy while introducing two additional traits tantamount to understanding his basic functioning: sun sensitivity — he's a vampire, after all — and regenerative durability. The guy falls 30,000 ft. after jumping from a plane, crashes into a crater, his body is obliterated yet, after chowing down on a lonesome cow who happened to be in the wrong spot and the wrong time, he regenerates completely.

Who Is Cassidy?

In a nutshell, everything you need to know about Cassidy before embarking on a Season 1 marathon is that the series kicks off while he's on the run — from whom, or what, we're not sure. However, the events leading up to him bombing out of the plane indicate that there's a rather large group of (assumedly) bad guys who want his head on a skewer. However, for those craving a deeper understanding, here's some basic bio info:

  • Full name: Proinsias Cassidy
  • Born: 1990 in Balbriggan, Ireland
  • Vampire birth: He was bitten during the Easter Rising of 1916 by a female vampire that inhabited their swamp. He awoke, underwater, the next morning and on exiting the swamp he burst into flames.
  • After doing this "three or four times" he remained under water until sunset, emerging under the shadow of night ferociously hungry, choosing a heard of sheep as his first meal.
  • Caught by a farmer and shot, on surviving this seemingly mortal wound, he began to realize that he was no longer human.
via AMC
via AMC

A little backstory:

Running away from the trauma of this realization and not wanting to burden his family with his newfound identity, Cassidy hopped on a boat to New York where he was immediately robbed, and discovered the blanket of alcohol and the power of his sheer strength via an arm wrestling contest.

He spent years drinking with a man called Mick MacCann, a friend who — on noting Cassidy's weird behavior — leant him a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula, causing the penny to drop. Together they frequented an Irish bar called McSorleys Old Ale House, but his immorality became a hindrance when those he loved aged and died, leaving him eternally youthful and, as the thrills of the day-to-day wore off, he turned to drugs. And each romantic connection he forged ended in tragedy.

The NSFW Storyline From The Comics We'll Probably Never See

Over the nine episodes of the show's first season we're introduced to a burgeoning romance between Cassidy and Tulip, who of course happens to be Jesse a.k.a Preacher's ex girlfriend. Clearly things are going to get a little messy here, but would AMC ever show this particular comic book storyline, related to their relationship?

Cassidy via AMC
Cassidy via AMC

Although Cassidy is never really what you'd call a good, wholesome guy, most of the time his heart does seem to be in the right place — that is, until it doesn't. Toward the end of the comic series, glimmers of Cassidy's true personality begin to seep through the cracks and some of the horrid, truly fucked up stuff over the centuries turn this beloved character into someone you actually hate.

For example, he punches one ex-girlfriend so hard her eye pops out of its socket, smashes another's jaw in and, after she leaves, hooks up with her friend, who also leaves him after he tries to suck her blood in a bid for a heroin hit. A good start.

Fast forward some time into the future and Tulip, who's borderline destroyed by the loss of her lover (no name naming here), seeks solace from Cassidy and his drug connections. Now, while he doesn't use force to to keep her in a comatose state, he takes advantage of it, moving her phones and making sure the narcotics are on tap, and then rapes her.

Bold move on comic writer Gareth Ellis's part. BOLD.

via Preacher comic book
via Preacher comic book

Who's your favorite Preacher character?

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