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Remember when the first Suicide Squad trailer came out? You were probably still in diapers, so long has it been since DC teased its supervillain team-up movie for the first time. Now that the day of reckoning is drawing close, the studio is dropping trailers and TV spots all over the shop, and a series of new character videos just revealed some so-far unseen footage which teases the mysterious backstories of both the Joker and Enchantress in a big way.

First, let's take a look at the video for Slipknot, which is interesting not for what it contains, but what it doesn't...

Notice anything? Zero new footage here, and what is included all seems to come from the early stages of the movie. That pretty much confirms that Slipknot will be killed off at some point in the first half — and, if we're being honest, there probably won't be many tears shed about that. Moving on.

In the Joker's new short, we see no more than a couple of seconds' new footage in which Gotham's Clown Prince hops out of an SUV in the pouring rain.

The bio at the end describes the Joker's favorite joke as "Batman", and I'd like to think Suicide Squad might pack some kind of twist that would put the Joker and the Caped Crusader on a collision course in the forthcoming solo Batman movie. Could it be that he and Lex Luthor will collide, and collude, in Arkham Asylum?

By far the most curious of the new clips is that of Enchantress, which introduces Dr. June Moone as "6313 years young", and teases that the extent of her powers is unknown. It sounds as if David Ayer's movie might have fun with Enchantress' comic book origin story. Still, if even half of her powers (when channeling the demon Enchantress) are employed, she'll be vastly more dangerous than the rest of the Squad combined. Check out June's clip below:

The scene in what looks like a ballroom or a high school auditorium seems to be some kind of ritualistic ceremony — presumably taken from the first half of the movie, considering June appears to be transforming into the physical embodiment of Enchantress right before our eyes, flanked on both sides by weird, horned, humanoid creatures.

I don't foresee Suicide Squad killing off June, but presumably the Squad will successfully free the doc from the spirit of Enchantress and allow her to access her own innate magical abilities without channeling evil in the process. Finally, let's take a look at Amanda Waller's short, which is interesting for one reason...

Yes, that is Amanda Waller, fighting alongside the squad, with a machine gun in hand. What could possess the most cutthroat of all government agents, the same woman who described the bombs in her team members' necks as "built-in deniability", to go out and get stuck into the good fight?

I don't have an answer to that right now, but I'm hyped as all hell to see it. It's particularly pleasing that David Ayer has allowed his female characters the same degree of agency (and badassery) as their male counterparts.

By every measure, Suicide Squad truly does look like the monster smash DC needed to bring the fight to Marvel and shake off the demons of both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. August 5 — mark the date. I'll see you there.

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