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She might not appear in the mainstream movies, but Ahsoka Tano is one of Star Wars' most enduring and beloved characters, not to mention groundbreaking — although other female Jedi had come before her, Ahsoka was arguably the first one to get the spotlight in one of Star Wars' biggest properties, the animated show The Clone Wars. This makes her somewhat prolific, and with good reason: Ahsoka's journey from Jedi padawan, to military commander, to outcast, is one of the most compelling stories in the entire Star Wars saga.

Reaching millions of children on a weekly basis, Ahsoka's popularity as a female Jedi laid the groundwork for Rey to lead the movie franchise a few years later. Naturally, fans want to see much more from Ahsoka, which is why she was brought back for the TV show Rebels, although her fate at the end of Season 2 was left uncertain.

At Star Wars Celebration, Dave Filoni revealed that Ahsoka will return in Rebels Season 3, though we don't know how yet. But even before her long-awaited re-emergence in Rebels Season 1, Ahsoka Tano had some spectacular adventures, which Filoni divulged at the Ahsoka panel at Celebration.

Originally intended as the main emotional thread in The Clone Wars Season 6 (the show ended a season sooner than expected), Filoni also mentioned that there was some buzz about turning this story into a movie, but that never came to pass. Which is a shame, as Ahsoka's untold tales are nothing short of epic.

Deep In The Heart Of Coruscant

Following on from that heartbreaking scene in which Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka parted ways, the first act finds our young ex-Jedi deep in the criminal underbelly of Coruscant. And she's not alone.

Ahsoka and Nix on Coruscant [Dave Filoni]
Ahsoka and Nix on Coruscant [Dave Filoni]

As Ahoska's actress Ashley Eckstein explained, "Ahsoka had a boyfriend for a hot second!" His name was Nix, and he was something of a scoundrel, part of the criminal gang Ahsoka fell in with. Filoni wanted to explore what Ahsoka would do now that she was liberated from the strict rules of the Jedi Council. For a girl raised in a temple, with little contact with the outside world and a strict moral structure, life on the streets of Coruscant was tough. But Ahsoka is tough too, and she certainly rose to the occasion.

"She gets wrapped up in the smuggling and crime world... but she's against them and it's a big challenge for her."
Ahsoka on trial in 'The Clone Wars' [Disney XD]
Ahsoka on trial in 'The Clone Wars' [Disney XD]

Filoni had big ideas for what this story arc would mean for the viewers, as he wanted to continue Ahsoka's story, showing what it meant for her to finally become truly independent and find her own way in the galaxy.

"I was careful to represent to young girls that... she can do independent things just because they're what she wants to do, what she thinks is right."

This arc would also have revealed the strict class divide on Coruscant between the people who live on the higher levels — the politicians, Jedi, and richer people — and those who occupy the underbelly of the city planet. Ahsoka was careful to keep her past a guarded secret, so as not to alienate her new allies.

Concept art for Ahsoka's new outfit [Dave Filoni]
Concept art for Ahsoka's new outfit [Dave Filoni]

But the coolest thing about this proposed plot is what Ahsoka becomes...

Yep, that's right — Ahsoka became her own kind of superhero! Fighting to protect others, Ahsoka was something of an urban legend, and her personal missions lead her to discover a plot to assassinate Yoda. In order to protect the Jedi master, Ahsoka journeyed deep below the Jedi temple... and this is when Filoni revealed something which is sure to become very plot-relevant later on: There is a Sith temple hidden beneath the Jedi temple on Coruscant, and it housed its very own Holochron.

The Holochron in 'Rebels' Season 3 [Disney XD]
The Holochron in 'Rebels' Season 3 [Disney XD]

Here's hoping we actually get to see this Sith temple in Rebels Season 3, because that's too good of a plot point to waste. But to return to Ahsoka's story — naturally, she saves Yoda's life, leading to a reunion with her former master Anakin. And that's when the story really gets interesting.

The Siege Of Mandalore

Many fans already know that the Siege of Mandalore was intended to be the final arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Filoni released his sketches for this arc in 2014. At Star Wars Celebration, Filoni finally told us the whole story, and boy would it have been awesome.

Ahsoka teamed up with the Mandalorian commander Bo Katan, directing an assault on the occupying forces in Mandalore. But it wasn't just Mandalorians leading the charge — Anakin united with Ahsoka one last time, granting her command of a legion of clone fighters, lead by none other than Rex.

Ahsoka leads the charge on Mandalore [Disney XD]
Ahsoka leads the charge on Mandalore [Disney XD]

This would have been the very last time Ahsoka and Anakin spoke before Order 66 and Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader. Instead of parting at odds, Anakin and Ahsoka would have come to terms, with Anakin explaining that he understood her decision to leave the Jedi and that he was very proud of her. Then, he revealed the clone battalion to her, saying:

"I'm not going to leave you on this mission unprotected."

In the panel, this is the point where Ashley Eckstein teared up, along with most of the audience. It's a shame we never got to see this reunion onscreen, as it would have been beautifully emotional — not to mention it would have made Ahsoka's final battle with Vader all the more heartwrenching.

Ahsoka faces Darth Vader [Disney XD]
Ahsoka faces Darth Vader [Disney XD]

Of course, Ahsoka, Rex, and Bo Katan manage to take back Mandalore, but not before Ahsoka faced Maul in a dramatic showdown. That's right, before they met again on Malachor, Ahsoka and Maul battled almost to the death, which explains Maul's cryptic comments to Ahsoka in the Rebels Season 2 finale — Filoni said that the creative team "consider it to have happened", even though we didn't get to see it onscreen.

Personally, I'm holding out hope that Disney XD and Lucasfilm will greenlight an Ahsoka movie further along the road, using some of these plotlines. If not, there is a new book coming out soon — entitled Ahsoka, the young adult novel will reveal more of Ahsoka's untold tales, and it will be released on October 11th, 2016.

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