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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of Preacher. If you haven't caught up then I command you, in my best Genesis voice, to stop reading now.

After an incredible episode last week, things took an even bigger dramatic turn for Jesse this week on Preacher and it has left us wondering what the hell (pun very much intended) is going on. However, before we start anticipating next week's episode, let's revisit several important plot points from this week that you might have missed — things that have us wondering where the story will go next for Preacher and his gang.

1. Jesse And Genesis A Match Made In Heaven?

Parting ways — Jesse lets go.
Parting ways — Jesse lets go.

After realizing that he may have went too far, Jesse enlisted the help of Deblanc and Fiore to extract the entity from within him. You probably noticed that Jesse heavily questioned the twosome about their knowledge of Genesis to which they remained silent — they have no answers. The truth is that they don't know very much about it.

Jesse was still holding on to the idea that Genesis was God's plan for him but nonetheless he allowed the angels to extract Genesis. It's also interesting to note that Deblanc and Fiore pretty much confirmed that Jesse is the first person who did not explode when Genesis entered him — they have no answers for this either.

After the extraction, Genesis broke free from the biscuit tin in and re-entered Jesse. This only adds more questions — why is Genesis so attracted to Jesse? Why is Jesse not exploding? Is he chosen? Is it God's will that he hold onto Genesis?

2. Jesse Faces The Consequences

Can it really be you? Preacher sees Eugene.
Can it really be you? Preacher sees Eugene.

Jesse Custer is either experiencing the so-called consequences from his use of Genesis or he's going mad. Jesse seemingly rescued Eugene from Hell. It was a heartwarming moment and we even saw a glimmer of the old Jesse. He hugged Eugene and appeared remorseful for his actions. After spending hours talking to Eugene it turned out that the boy was just a figment of Jesse's imagination. Upon this realization, Eugene didn't vanish — he remained by the Preacher's side for the majority of the episode, though Deblanc and Fiore couldn't see the boy.

If we remember, Deblanc and Fiore informed Jesse in a previous episode that if he used Genesis for any purpose there would be consequences. Perhaps this apparition of Eugene is a constant reminder for Jesse of the sin that he committed.

3. Cassidy Is Alive

A gift for a friend — Tulip says goodbye.
A gift for a friend — Tulip says goodbye.

Tulip bought a dog, fell in love the dog and then fed the dog to a blood-thirsty animal. Only I think we all know that it wasn't really an animal — it was Cassidy. After the events of last week's episode, Preacher's audience has been wondering whether Cassidy is alive or dead. Although we didn't get any official or on-screen confirmation, I'm pretty certain that this scene meant that the vampire is very much alive, recuperating at Tulip's home.

As painful as it was to hear the lovely dog — Brewski — getting mauled, I think we're all delighted that Cassidy is still alive.

4. Genesis Didn't Fail Quincannon

Serving a different kind of God — Quincannon.
Serving a different kind of God — Quincannon.

For the past several weeks I think we've all been wondering why Odin Quincannon was no longer under the influence of Genesis. This also annoyed Jesse, who was under the impression that he would be able to convert the entire population of Annville — even the angels cannot resist the power of the entity.

In the latest episode, we finally understood what's been going on: Quincannon is not a believer in God, he doesn't believe in anything that he cannot see or touch. Therefore, commanding Quincannon to "serve God" would've had little effect because the man is not a believer and has not seen anything to make him one.

However, Quincannon does believe in meat — as we saw through the extremely disturbing flashback earlier in the episode. So the Genesis command meant that he would serve his god, the thing he believes in — the god of meat. The Genesis command didn't fail, it just meant something different to Quincannon.

5. The Pressure Gauge Signifies Preacher Heating Up

Things are heating up!
Things are heating up!

At the very end of the episode, we hear an alarm sounding. A man appears before the screen, he is a little flustered, concerned by the pressure gauge. The unknown man manages to get the pressure back down to a safe level before he sits down and reads the paper. Panic over — for now.

While I am totally clueless as to who this man is or what this means, it's safe to assume that this scene is a metaphor for the series itself — things are heating up and they are quickly coming to a head. With only two episodes of Preacher left this season, it's only going to get more intense.

Yet another amazing episode of Preacher, taking us one step closer to that season finale. With two episodes left, the town of Annville had better prepare themselves — especially as Jesse intends to bring God himself to the congregation next week! Maybe that'll make Quincannon a believer. Anything could happen.

Did you notice anything in Season 1, Episode 8 of Preacher? Tell me in the comment section below.


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