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SPOILERS for: Toy Story 3, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Cars 2, Wall-E

One of my favorite Pixar films is Toy Story 3 (my favorite out of all the Toy Story films). And one thing that was predominant in the film is the film's villain: a plush, huggable bear named Lotso.

Lotso (or Lots-o' Huggin' Bear) is introduced to the toys and the audience as a polite, well-mannered pink bear when he is later revealed to be one of the most ruthless Pixar villains yet. Here is why Lotso is my favorite Pixar villain:

1. He Is A Surprise Villain

I really like surprise villains. They're usually saved for Disney films and not Pixar, but Lotso is more unique in this category. The only others were Stinky Pete, Waternoose, Charles Muntz, and maybe AUTO (if my memory is correct). You might say Miles Axelrod was also a surprise villain, but he was in Cars 2. I did not understand a thing that happened in Cars 2 so I don't care.

2. He Is Extremely Cruel

In the furnace scene, Lotso gets trapped under a bunch of golf clubs and Woody and Buzz both drop down to help him out, saving his life. Later, when they see the incinerator, Lotso sees a stop button. He climbs up the ladder and despite having his life saved by Woody moments earlier, Lotso refuses to press the button and escapes. That's what I like about it. He's the most evil villain since Syndrome.

3. His Evil Actions

In the film, he lied to and attacked Big Baby, he let toys be destroyed by young kids, and he beat Chatter Telephone. He, along with Syndrome and Hopper, are in my opinion, the meanest Pixar villains and therefore, my favorites.

4. He Has A Reason For His Anger

Unlike Hopper from A Bug's Life, Lotso has more of a reason for being a villain. As we know, Lotso was abandoned by his owner, Daisy. Daisy accidentally left Lotso, Big Baby, and Chuckles behind on a rest stop. After seeing that Daisy's parents had given her a new one, Lotso became angry at humans and that is what inflicted the evil qualities in him. This leads us to our next one:

5. He Went Down The Wrong Path

Both Woody and Lotso both had to deal with rejection in some way. Woody had to deal with rejection from Andy (not being played with for years) and Lotso had to deal with rejection from Dolly (being abandoned and replaced). However, Woody and Lotso took different paths. Woody decided to accept it and instead of no longer caring for his owner, Woody wanted to stick with him all the way. Lotso took a separate path and hated all humans.

And that is why Lotso is Pixar's best, strongest villain. But I want to hear your thoughts! Leave them in the comments below or vote in this poll.


Who is your favorite Pixar villain?


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