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Following a high-profile break up with Calvin Harris and ongoing feuds with rival pop stars such as Katy Perry and Demi Lovato, it's become clear that Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy, which is perhaps why the award-winning star may have prepared a response to the latest battle in her ongoing war against Kimye.

For a while, it seemed as though Taylor and Kanye West had buried the hatchet following that disastrous acceptance speech, but after the rapper name-checked Swift on his latest album, sparks began to fly once more between these former enemies.

Fans were left unsure who to believe following Taylor's denial that she had given West permission to use her name. There was a time when it seemed like we would never really know the truth, but Kim Kardashian has now reignited the feud by posting a Snapchat video online that shares the alleged conversation between the two musicians.

Taylor wrote a lengthy note in response, where she refers to Kimye's accusations as her "character assassination." Cue a million 'Bad Blood' puns.

Naturally, the internet went down in flames, dissecting every angle of the feud to determine once and for all who's actually telling the truth. After all, no one likes to be lied to by their favourite celebrities. However, new evidence has come to light that suggests Taylor may have been expecting Kimye to 'expose' her conversation with Kanye all along, implying that she could be the one at fault.

Usually, when a new note is opened on a smartphone, there's always an option to press the 'back' button on the top left hand side of the screen. However, if you look at Taylor's Instagram screenshot of the message, you can see that a 'search' button is there instead, which means that the note was written before and specific wording was used to search for it again at a later time.

Furthermore, if you look very closely at the note, some faded words at the top appear to read, "because it doesn't exist," as if that term had been typed in to search for the pre-existing note.

It's entirely possible that Taylor prepared this response following Kim's GQ interview, where she claimed that a video of the phone call between Taylor and Kanye exists, keeping it ready in case this evidence ever saw the light of day. This wouldn't be the first time that Taylor's become publicly embroiled in feuds with other musicians, ex-boyfriends and ex-boyfriend musicians, so it pays to always be prepared.

However, it's also worth noting that there could be a far more innocent explanation for this, and we're talking 'Fearless'-era innocence here:

Whichever way you look at the situation though, it seems unlikely that Kanye will be sending Taylor more flowers any time soon. After all, Swift's not exactly out of the woods yet.

Personally though, I really think that the pair should just speak now, openly and honestly, so that they can shake it off and begin again. Still waiting on that Swiftye collaboration album, guys.

Are you Team Taylor or Team Kimye?

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