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In this first segment of "Would You Rather," where we ask you, the reader, to choose between two of cinemas’ greatest evils, we explore the MCU’s merciless Asgardian god of mischief, Loki, and the ruthless mind-bending psychopath, Kilgrave. Without further preamble, let's dive into mind-boggling scenarios involving these deranged villains, starting with the mastermind behind the events of 2012’s The Avengers, Loki.

Scenario 1: Your Experience With Loki

It’s a beautiful day in the streets of New York City and you haven’t been paying attention to those Mayan prophecies on TV that the world is going to end, then you remember it's 2012. Still, with no fear of the future, you quickly leave your Manhattan apartment and head to work. Everything seems fine as you walk towards the subway station when suddenly a disturbing tingling sound hits your ears and glass doors begin to shatter — Loki has created a hole through space and time in the middle of New York! Everyone soon panics and you are stuck in the middle of chaos. Remembering that rent is past due and that you totally can’t miss work after being repeatedly late the last few weeks, you instead run for your life and hide under a car. It is then that you hear explosions and something nearing your hiding spot, something that's not human. In your attempt to outrun a Chitauri alien, you trip and fall, and when it seems you are about to take your last breath, Captain America saves the day — but not for long. Out of all the people in New York City, you were the lucky one that had a face-to-face confrontation with Loki himself.

Outcome Of Scenario 1: Your Death By Loki

The Avengers are busy fighting an onslaught of aliens and Loki has found you between the crossfire. There is nothing you can do. If you run, Loki will simply disintegrate you with his scepter. If you do nothing and stand in his way, he will still disintegrate you with his scepter. He could control your mind, but he simply doesn’t need to at this stage in the game. So, what do you do? There is nothing you can do, you are going to die, and this is how (Warning: The following is very gruesome):

Scepter or not, Loki is one dangerous lunatic. He first begins by inserting his magical energy within your body. You feel as each cell inside you begins to heat up and die, causing excruciating pain all throughout your body. Your eyes are rolling. Your skin is burning. You literally poop your pants. You enter a state of what seems like ever-lasting pain, like if you have just dived into a pool of needles and spikes until you no longer feel it. Loki has turned you into dust.

Ouch, that hurt — maybe you’ll like this scenario better! Enter Kilgrave.

Scenario 2: Your Experience With Kilgrave

It’s a rainy day in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen so you spend the extra dollar and get a quick taxi drive home instead of getting soaked on your way to the subway station. You do exactly that and the taxi arrives four minutes later. What you don’t know is that on that night all hell is going to break loose in the docks (Jessica Jones finale) and before it happens Kilgrave needs a ride there. When you are exactly just two blocks away from home, the cab suddenly stops. A man wearing a purple suit enters the car and suggests the driver to drive to the docks. Confused and utterly enraged, you start to verbally destroy the man in the purple suit. Then he orders you to be quiet. In an instant you feel your mouth shut. Even in your mind, everything is just quiet. When the cab finally arrives at the docks, Kilgrave orders you to step out of the car. He tells the cab driver to disappear. You then gruesomely watch as the driver sets his car on fire, with him inside. Afraid for your life, all you can do is stand, as was suggested by Kilgrave. In this moment you know you are about to die, you just don’t know how. Anything is possible. Whatever Kilgrave suggests, your conscious is going to interpret it literally so all you do is hope that Kilgrave doesn’t make you “disappear.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Outcome Of Scenario 2: Your Death By Kilgrave

All of this is going on before the final battle at the docks, so Jessica Jones won’t be coming to rescue you. Daredevil is somewhere being Daredevil and the Punisher hasn’t been introduced to the MCU yet. You are hopeless, but Kilgrave is a dude that likes to have fun. Do you like fun? This is how the fun goes down (Warning: The following is very gruesome):

Kilgrave doesn’t like you. He is going to make you suffer for those ugly words you said earlier. The thing with Kilgrave is that he could literally torture you and kill you in any way possible, so it’s difficult to determine what exactly he is going to make you do to end yourself. Literally, if he tells you: “End yourself,” there are countless ways you can end yourself. So the best way to imagine yourself being killed by Kilgrave, is by revisiting those times he actually told people to “end" themselves. When he told a man to make Kilgrave Sr. disappear from the face of the Earth, the man started by first dismembering Kilgrave Sr.’s arms, and then putting them down a kitchen sink disposal (messy indeed). Another instance was when he told a gambler to put his head through a steel post (no need for further details here).

So, now that you’ve experienced both scenarios and both outcomes, we come back to the question of: Would you rather face the wrath of Loki or suffer by the suggestions of Kilgrave? Pick your fate in the poll below!


The wrath of Loki or the suggestions of Kilgrave?


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