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San Diego Comic-Con kicks off in only a few days and already, several rumors about the future of the DC TV shows airing on The CW begin to emerge.

The TV division of DC Comics is quickly expanding, and the appearance of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman is a proof of its ambitions. The casting of such an iconic character opened many doors, and others very well known heroes might make their way to the small screen rather sooner than later.

According to Bleeding Cool, Batwoman, Oracle (Barbara Gordon) and Constantine might be heading to the Arrowverse. Maggie Sawyer has recently been cast on Supergirl and will reportedly bring her ex Kathy Kane aka Batwoman, whose peregrinations as a vigilante will take her to National City.

In the same fashion, Barbara Gordon is said to appear on the show as Oracle. Barbara will develop a strong relationship with Kara while helping Kathy fighting crime. The Batwoman/Oracle relationship would match the classic Birds Of Prey stories with Kathy taking Dinah's place as the women on the field.

For Constantine, the character already made in appearance during the fourth season of Arrow, and might formally join the DC TV Universe. The new deals strike by actors Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) saw their characters become regular across all DC shows, and Matt Ryan could soon join the club.

The CW is currently airing the only season of the late NBC show on the CW Seed and is now testing the streaming audience to judge whether or not, a show like Constantine would blend well on the network. With the Vampire Diaries soon airing its final season, Constantine could take its place to keep Fridays as The CW's horror night by pairing it with Supernatural or iZombie. The ultimate goal is to have DC superhero shows airing every day of the week.

Also, John Wesley Shipp is said to have signed a similar deal, not as Henry Allen but as Jay Garrick. This news might not come as a surprise given the introduction of the Justice Society during Legends of Tomorrow season finale.

Batman's case is for once much more complicated. FOX currently own the rights to the character on the small screen, and Bleeding Cool claims that the network has been approached to share the rights to the Caped Crusader in exchange for a fee. Economically, such a deal would only work if Bruce Wayne were made regular across all DC shows.

Those reports are, of course, to be taken with a grain of salt, but if proved right the DC TV Universe may have a bright future ahead of it.

Sources: Bleeding Cool

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