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The only thing better than seeing amazing cosplay of your favorite characters? Two of them. Together. Your favorite ship. Group or couples cosplay, when it's done right, can be one of the highlights of any convention - like this pair of dedicated fans who rocked AnimeExpo 2016 as Avatar Korra and Asami Sato from Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra.

I wrote a while back about how important seeing Korra and Asami walk off together into the spirit realm was, both in general and to me personally. So seeing these ladies rock their outstanding cosplay was a special treat, particularly that they did such a great job and clearly had such a great time. It's even better that they're actual girlfriends! The love shines through.

Today's cosplay awesomeness is brought to us by Melina (Korra) and Monica (Asami)! I came across a photoset of their con adventures on Melina's blog, and my day/life instantly got better. After you scroll on through, I'm pretty sure yours will too. But wait, there's more! We've also got one of the most fun con videos I've seen in a long time, down at the bottom of this article. Korra gets stuff done, and you won't want to miss it.

Enjoy The Korrasami Goodness - With Captions!

Me and my very cute girlfriend cosplayed as the lovely Korrasami!
I can die very happy
Korra: me
Asami: very snazzy gal

- Melina (Korra)

Photographer said "keep making that pose, it's cute!" But I really wasn't posing, just looking at how cute Monica is

Check out allmelina and babytcup on Instagram for some more pics of the cosplay duo at AnimeExpo 2016 - and here are a couple of my favorites.

Finally, it's hard to pick a favorite part - but I'll have a hard time forgetting this short, sweet, and very fun video of Korra's adventures with other con-goers. It asks and answers the burning question...

What Does Korra Do At AnimeExpo? She Gets Stuff Done!

Fun, right? Show some love in the comments!

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That headline was a shining work of literary achievement, amirite? :D


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