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Paramount recently announced that Star Trek 4 is a go, and Chris Hemsworth will return as George Kirk, Captain James Kirk's deceased father. I don't know about y'all, but I'm psyched! How George will be implemented into the script has not yet been confirmed by the studio or any of the actors, but nonetheless, I can't wait to see one of my favorite men in Hollywood reprising one of his most unforgettable roles. The news also reminded me that despite what some of the haters have to say, Chris Hemsworth has played a lot of memorable movie characters over the years. With that being said, I've taken the liberty of providing y'all with some of the thunder from down under's best movie roles (so far)!

When He Played George Kirk, There Wasn't a Dry Eye in the House

As mentioned previously, Chris' portrayal as the doomed Starfleet captain has been burned in everyone's mind, despite the fact that he was only on screen for less than ten minutes. His decision to sacrifice himself to save his wife and soon to be born son, as well as his crew, pulled on everyone's heartstrings, as did the the tearjearking final conversation he had with his wife. Also, his resemblance to Chris Pine in the film is uncanny! Small bit of trivia: despite the fact that Star Trek is the first film credit Chris has, it's actually not the first film he ever made. His very first film was actually a movie entitled Ca$h, starring Sean Bean. Ca$h was simply released a year after Star Trek.

Chris Electrified Everyone as a Super Hot Norse God

As we all know, Thor is the role that thrust Chris Hemsworth into superstardom. Even the biggest Hemsworth hater has to admit that Chris was born to play Thor. Not only does he have the body and the face for the part, but he has the skills to show Thor's character development from a spoiled and entitled god to a humble and empathetic superhero. His spot on performance has not only allowed him to return to the role four more times, but it's also made Thor my all time favorite Avenger.

As Kirk, He Demonstrated Why People Make Such Dumb Mistakes in Horror Flicks

Another classic part for Chris was that of Kirk, in the horror/comedy The Cabin in the Woods. In this film, Chris played the smart and affable college football player Kirk, who inadvertently leads his closest friends to their deaths by inviting him to his "cousin's" house for the weekend. Kirk's death scene alone was enough to resonate with the audience.

Chris's Character in Snow White and the Huntsman Was Proven To Be The Princess's True Love

In every other retelling of Snow White, The Huntsman appears for about five seconds to kill the heroine as instructed by the evil queen, but has a change of heart and releases her into the herself. Snow White and the Huntsman tells a slightly different story, where The Huntsman still refuses to kill Snow White, but also becomes her protector and even teaches her a few fighting moves. Chris seamlessly played a broken man who no longer believed in anything that transitions into a warrior willing to fight and die for a queen that he admires and loves (and yes, he did love her). I so wanted Snow and Eric to be together in the sequel.

As Idolized Racer James Hunt, Chris Blew Us All Away

In my humble opinion, Chris's portrayal of James Hunt has to be his greatest performance to date. James Hunt was a real life legend within the Formula One racing community, and Chris depicted him as a three dimensional character with glaring flaws, but amazing talents. Most people give more praise to Daniel Bruhl's interpretation of Niki Lauda, but Chris's performance is just as good and is extremely underrated. Who says my boy can't be a good leading man?

Over the years, Chris Hemsworth has proven that he's more than just a pretty face... and a hot body. He's shown that he has the acting chops to play diverse and multifaceted characters, and make them remarkable.

Chris can currently be seen in Ghostbusters, playing the role of Kevin, the sexy— but stupid— secretary.


Which role do you think is Chris Hemsworth's greatest to date?


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