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So here I am binge watching Pokémon: XY the Series and I definitely am enjoying it — great animation, interesting new Pokemon, a new region, and new characters like Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie are all interesting enough to make this season seem fresh, but we are still following Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Look, I enjoy Ash as much as the next guy, but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't sick of the character by this point.

Is he immortal? He's been ten years old for awhile.
Is he immortal? He's been ten years old for awhile.

Not only have we followed him through over 15 seasons of the anime series, we have also seen him in 19 different movies (most of which are hit or miss) and one of those had Ash turn out to be the Chosen One to save the world. He's faced Dialga, Palkia, Lucario, and even the god of all Pokémon himself: Arceus. Ash is basically already a Pokémon Master by this point, which is why I say this with upmost honesty: Ash needs to go away and we need a new hero to follow.

Just like in the games, we are always a different character from a different region — trying to be the best that no one ever was — so the idea can be brought to the anime or I can even settle for the show focusing on a character from the past.

Reintroduce A Familiar Character

Take for example, Tracey Sketchit from the Orange Islands segment of the series. Personally, I thought he was an interesting enough character with an awesome selection of Pokémon such as his Scyther and Marill, and I'd like to see these Pokémon get more depth with their connection to their trainer rather than just go with the always marketable Pikachu.

Or perhaps give us a female protagonist so that both girls and boys can grow to enjoy Pokémon, like Serena — who I am really enjoying in the series so far. While the buildup of her connection to Ash lead to a very disappointing pay off, I won't lie that a character who had met Ash in the past could have been a great way to tie the two series together, especially with Serena being inspired by Ash to become a trainer.

Personally, I wish that Pokemon XY's characters only consisted of Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont. All of them are fun and colorful characters that all ages can enjoy, plus they all have some great new Pokémon for kids to fall in love with: Bunnelby, Fennekin, and Dedenne. Perhaps next season this could be the case? Hey, a guy can dream.


With the newest video game entries Sun & Moon coming out later this year, more than likely they will continue the series under these names, as is the case with many games of the past. Perhaps Serena can branch out and that can become her own series? Or if she vanishes like most of Pokémon's companions, we could focus on a brand new character from the Alola Region.

Fan poster made by me!
Fan poster made by me!
A young woman whose mother was a great trainer in her day until she vanished just before the finals of a big Pokémon tournament and now said young woman wants to follow in her mother's footsteps while trying to figure out the unsolved mystery of her mother's disappearance.

Take that story, throw in a companion or two, a good villain, and an interesting world filled with just as interesting Pokémon, and you can create a new series that can rival something like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Team Time Wasters
Team Time Wasters

The Villains

And this brings me to my next reason as to why things need to change: the villains. Why in the hell is Team Rocket still around? Their schtick has been old since the '90s, and with a world like Pokémon, you can (and have) come up with some great villains: Team Galactic from the games were OK, remember Mewtwo in the first movie? With Team Rocket, the only good contribution to the series they've ever brought was one episode of Diamond & Pearl when James had to give up one of his Pokémon whom he truly loved. It was a really heartbreaking episode that got me to tear up.

For this new series, bring in people like Pokémon Poachers, a new team like Team Galactic or Rocket (but actually make them threatening), or a rival trainer like Paul from Diamond & Pearl, who was a surprisingly good character.

So what do you think guys? Should we try something new and completely oust Ash for good or should we just keep rehashing the same stuff over and over until the series just dies from lack-of-idea-itis (which is a real thing by the way, it's what Heroes and Lost suffered from) in the next couple years. I think you know my answer: We need a revamp. XY maybe enjoyable, but the flaws are sticking out like sore thumbs. Hope you all enjoy this article and I'm interested to see your responses in the comments below!

Which Pokémon trainer would you bring back to the series?


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