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There are some serious conversations going on between The CW and Fox with a proposal on the table in regards to the television rights for the Dark Knight. The CW would love to introduce Batman within their universe, probably in Supergirl as they just got the permission to cast Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. In order for that to happen, Fox — who has the rights for a television Batman due to Gotham — would have to play nice with The CW, who hopes to grow the CW/DC TV universe astronomically.

The Question Is: Should Fox Give The CW The Honor To Debut Batman First?

It's a heavy question to answer. Gotham, undoubtedly, is a great show with a unique version of the Batman universe. The villains are darker, the violence is high, and the storytelling is top notch. Although the show is a prequel to the Caped Crusader, and there was never any indication that Bruce Wayne would grow up to become Batman on Gotham, there still lies a chance he can show up.

How Can A Batman Debut Work On Gotham?

If the show was daring, you could begin an episode 15 years into the future with an older Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) standing next to the bat signal atop GCPD waiting for the Dark Knight to arrive while remembering a case from the past. The story can be the first appearance of some rogue from the gallery or a huge Arkham Asylum angle that can be told up to mid-season, and then the arrival of Batman would be the huge event right after. The show deserves that honor for the great job it has done with the Batman lore, as fans feel this is the same character that would eventually appear in the Arkham video games.

Why Batman Should Appear In The DC/CW Universe

With what the CW has built on its network, it has become the beacon for the DC Universe on television. Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl have made The CW the home for fans of DC. Arrow has already debuted Batman villains like Deathstroke and Ra's al Ghul successfully in major storylines, and with the Man of Steel showing up in the first episode of Supergirl this upcoming fall season, it's almost as if the road to the Dark Knight is being paved right now on The CW.

Who Can Play The Dark Knight On Television?

If an agreement was found to debut Batman on television, who can play the role on The CW or FOX? Tyler Hoechlin isn't a big name, but he has a following from his days on MTV. So, a TV Batman will probably be a similar actor with a following of the same kind. Here are a few names to consider:

Colin O'Donoghue

He's played Hook on ABC's Once Upon a Time, and he fits the bill perfectly. He can play dark and brooding, while flipping to the playboy Bruce Wayne side if they decide to reveal that part of The Dark Knight. The 35-year-old Irishman has only one issue to consider — he's only 5'9" in height, which is slightly shorter than Christian Bale at 6'. I don't feel that would be an issue though for Colin O'Donoghue. Do you?

Brett Dalton

You know him as Agent Grant Ward from Marvel's Agents of Shield, and you know how dark he can be. Brett Dalton is probably the best casting for a TV Batman on either The CW or FOX. At 33 years old and 6'2" he makes for a perfect fit as Bruce Wayne. I don't think anyone can argue that fact!

Casper Zafer

Finally, The Originals alum Casper Zafar would make a good casting fit for Batman/Bruce Wayne. He's already been on The CW, and has played tall, dark, and brooding. At 40 years old, the British actor would make a great veteran Dark Knight for television. He has grit and the right chin for the cowl!

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