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As promised, here is part two to my list of horror shorts you need to watch.

I know horror shorts are not for everyone as some have bad acting and so on. But acting does not always make a great short.I have always loved to share these with friends, co-workers, the occasional zombie, and now you guys too. Well, enough talking here. Let the show begin!


1. 'Bedfellows'


Definitely not one to watch before bed! It has a massive creep factor. A woman hears here phone go off and asks her husband next to her to grab it and tries to shake him awake. When he does not wake up she gets it herself. And guess who is on the phone? Well, watch and find out.

2. 'So Pretty'


An interesting way to go on a vampire short. I loved the angle on this one. It delves into the things fans of books want, to be a part of the world they are reading about. Well, what if that world was not so pretty?

3. 'Making Friends'


This one is a little bit of a slow burner. It does not really kick in till the end. You never know how far a child will go when he feels bullied and hopeless. Let alone the fact that it touches on a parent's biggest fear on Halloween.

4. ''


This one is weird, freaky, and messed up all in one. You will just have to check it out.

5. 'The Clown Statue'


I always have to throw a clown video in my list for all of the clown lovers and haters. This one has a very basic premise: A girl babysits for a preacher at her church. She is told to stay only in the video room and to not touch anything. Well, she finds a creepy clown statue and that is when things get weird. Check it out, everyone.

6. 'The Cop Cam'


I enjoyed this one a lot. You don't see very many cop body camera horror movies or shorts. I could see them making this one into some kind of movie.

7. 'Yummy Meat'


It's been awhile since I've seen a werewolf horror short. This one was done very well and I loved every minute of it. Make sure to check this one out. And if you haven't done so, follow the Scary Endings YouTube channel.

8. 'Last Night'


In this short you never really find out what the person who kills is, you just know that they have done it for a while and have a dark secret.

I hope everyone enjoyed the videos as much as I did. If you have any recommendations or something you would love to see for a part three, please let me know in the comment section below. Don't forget to look under your bed, closet, and check your back seat, muahahahahaha!

Which short horror film did you like best?


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