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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Jeepers Creepers 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated horror movies of 2017, so it's never been a better time to revisit Jeepers Creepers and its underrated sequel, Jeepers Creepers 2. Despite the controversy surrounding Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva, the movie remains a classic of early 2000s horror, and these behind-the-scenes images (via Makeup and Monsters) from Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 are guaranteed to be super satisfying for fans of the franchise.

The Creeper Makeup

Here's the secretly rather handsome Creeper without his full makeup on: actor Jonathan Breck! He played The Creeper in both Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2 and is expected to return for Jeepers Creepers 3.

This is just a taste of what the Creeper makeup involves, with a makeup test for the movie in stages.

Here's the full effect of The Creeper in his full gear.

The Creeper Gets a Headache

Remember the scene in which The Creeper gets a length of metal driven through his skull? Yep, this one.

Here's the backstage affixing of a (fake!) pole to Jonathan Breck's head.

Making The Creeper Fly

Do you find The Creeper scary, or more a kind of anti-hero?

All images: Makeup and Monsters


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