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Twitter was sent in a frenzy today when several internet trolls directed their offensive and hateful comments at celebrity Leslie Jones. The 48-year-old comedian has been a main cast member of Saturday Night Live since 2014, and more recently, has appeared alongside other SNL veterans in Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters, a 2016 reboot of the 1984 film of the same name, has recently released in theaters. Unsurprisingly, the movie garnered a whole lot of internet attention, which is a both a good and bad statement.

Like every reboot before it, Ghostbusters has divided the internet, with many fans loving it, and many others not. Regardless of how you felt about the film, it has successfully brought attention to its four main stars, especially Leslie Jones, who before the film had only been known for her stand-up and aforementioned SNL cast role.

Unfortunately, not all of that attention has been of the good variety. Today, Leslie Jones’ Twitter was bombarded with absolutely offensive and racist troll posts, some of which were focused on her Ghostbusters role.

The Racist Trolls Are Out In Full

Jones’s Twitter was filled with her retweets of people attacking her with all kinds of slander and racist comments, and just generally insulting her. For the sake of everyone reading this, I won’t show any more here (besides the one above), because they’re pretty terrible.

However, anyone who follows Leslie Jones on Twitter knows that she doesn’t simply take things quietly. Not only did Leslie retweet the hateful comments directed at her, but she also encouraged her fans to “be louder” and get these kinds of people reported.

After tweeting about the hate she’s been receiving, Jones was met with the usual responses along the lines of “Just ignore it” and “They’re just trolling”. Rather than listen to these comments, she went on a long and much-needed tweet spree, telling people that it’s time to “say something”, a statement that couldn’t be more true.

While some might see the comments directed at her as “trolling”, it’s nothing less than serious hate speech. Hate speech that Twitter has yet to create a plan to get rid of. When news of the attack on Leslie Jones finally reached Twitter HQ (as it was bound to), a Twitter representative released the following statement:


The URL brings people to Twitter’s guidelines, where visitors can read all about Twitter’s policy on harassment and abusive language/behavior. While a reminder of Twitter’s content boundaries is good, it’s clearly not what we need right now.

What we do need is to listen to Leslie Jones's words. Hateful speech on Twitter is not a new thing, it’s actually pretty common. Nowadays, it really feels like the “haters” and “trolls” are the ones who mostly populate the world, when that simply isn’t true.

It only feels like that because, as Leslie has stated in her Twitter rant, the actual humane people aren't speaking up enough, while the trolls seem to scream at the top of their lungs.

Luckily, Leslie Jones has a ton of loving fans who share her opinion. The hashtag ‘¢Â€Â™ has been trending on Twitter all day long, with many of her fans, including other celebrities and the new Ghostbusters director, defending her from the hateful comments she’d been receiving.

They’ve also been sending messages to Twitter, asking the admins of the site to delete the hate speech, as well as the accounts of the people who are spreading it.

Whether you liked the new Ghostbusters or not, I encourage you to take to Twitter, show some love for Leslie Jones, and demand that Twitter be better at combating hateful and racist troll accounts.

Thanks For Reading! What Do You Think Twitter Should Do To Handle This?

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