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Catching 151 pocket monsters may seem like a small number in comparison with the some 730 Pokémon now in existence. But for anyone that's spent time with Pokémon GO and explored their area for the rarest of the rare, you'll know how daunting this task can seem.

After you've chosen one of the first four starters (there's a secret way to pickup Pikachu from the get go) you're tasked with heading out into the world to catch 'em all. But some of these mons are almost impossible to catch, therefore Pokémon GO-ers have labelled them as "Special Types." Well folks, here's how you can catch three of 'em.

How To Catch Some of Pokémon GO's Rarest Mons


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According to an informed group of players over on reddit, Omanyte is equally difficult to come across out in the wild as the four starters. However, being a water AND rock type, the little cutie isn't exactly limited to one specific kind of environment. Omanyte can obviously be found next to water, but as a rock type you can expect to come across that swirl chilling out in the desert or near farmland.

Of course, they can also be born from eggs, most commonly the 10km eggs (when the game doesn't just hand you another Pidgey), but it's obviously not guaranteed.

Though Omanyte has been classed as a Special Pokémon, the likelihood of coming across the evolved version of him, Omastar, is extremely low. Like all rares, you can expect to come across them in areas crowded with Pokéstops and we'd recommend the use of lure modules once there. But don't get your hopes up, the evolution route is far easier.

Here's where other players have found Omanyte:


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Kabuto and Omanyte have a lot in common, which means you'll be just as likely to collect either of them on your beach hunt. The only difference with Kabuto is he's far more likely to be uncovered at night. So venture off near some beaches, banks, rivers and lakes and you may find yourself in luck. But please, for the love God, be careful next to water while you stare down at your phone in total blackness!

Additionally, Kabuto can also be found within 10km eggs, which we'd recommend you consider as his evolved state is extremely rare. Seriously, make sure that you're constantly incubating eggs on your walks, you never know what may hatch.

Here's where other players have found Kabuto:


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Just as rare as the other two on this list, Aerodactyl is a tough flying type to come across. While it appears to be available in almost any open space, he's more often than not uncovered in parks, forest and backyards. However, he's also a rock type so keep in mind that deserts and farms may hide some prehistoric action.

As always, a good old 10km egg could most certainly see this winged mon fly its way into your pokédex. Watch the skies, travellers.

Here's where other players have found Aerodactyl:

Get even more Pokémon! Pokémon is currently available to stream on Hulu, go catch 'em all right now.

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