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Becoming a superhero is no easy task. Despite how awesome it looks to soar across the sky, or run at the speed of light, the life of a superhero has its fair share of tragedy.

Our favorite heroes have to sacrifice a lot when they devote their lives to protecting ours. They have to essentially forget their own lives, live with a secret they'll never be able to tell, and worst of all, alienate the people they love the most.

Why do you think super-couples like Cyclops and Jean Grey always have their humongous speed bumps? However, sometimes things go right for our iconic do-gooders, and they end up being able to hold on to their loved ones. Here are 5 superhero couples that stuck with each other through thick and thin!

1. Mr. Fantastic And Invisible Woman

When talking about long-lasting superhero couples, it's only fitting to talk about the original Marvel super-couple, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman! Yes, Reed Richards and Sue Storm, 2/4 of Marvel's first superhero family, have survived the harshest of conditions together.

From Civil War, to a zombie universe, to the recent destruction of several Marvel universes, this couple has been there for it all! Sure, they've had their ups and downs, but these two have stayed together, even with the cancellation of their main series.

Currently, the two heroes, along with their children, and the team they helped build, Future Foundation, are in the process of rebuilding the entire Marvel multiverse. This being after the multiverse was destroyed in Marvel's Secret Wars event last year.

2. Hulkling and Wiccan

Hulkling and Wiccan are two of the most powerful members of the original Young Avengers team. This "power couple" (I'm sure I'm the first person to use that joke) have been together for a long time, first meeting when they both joined the Young Avengers. The rest, they say, is history.

Speaking of history, these two actually made it when they were the subject of one of the first on-panel same-sex kisses in comic books! Hulkling and Wiccan have definitely become one of the most recognized LGBT couples out there.

3. Luke Cage And Jessica Jones

"This went better than expected!" - Luke Cage
"This went better than expected!" - Luke Cage

You might remember Luke Cage and Jessica Jones from the latter's titular Netflix series that premiered at the end of last year. In Jessica Jones, Luke and Jessica had a struggling relationship that ended when Luke decided to leave the city to repair his life.

These two had a complicated relationship in the comics too, but it's since moved past the complicated phase. In fact, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are married in the comics, and they have a child named Danielle!

We've yet to see the question get popped in the world of TV, but with Luke Cage about to headline his own series in September, perhaps he could stop by Jessica's place of business and drop to one knee? I guess we'll see soon enough!


4. Midnighter And Apollo

If you've never heard of Midnighter and Apollo, then you're missing out on some pretty good non-Marvel/DC comic stories! Ok, technically, Midnighter and Apollo are part of WildStorm Comics, which is now an imprint of DC Comics. But I digress.

Like Hulkling and Wiccan, Midnighter and Apollo are a long-standing LGBT couple. The members of the superhero team The Authority married each their shortly after joining the team. They even adopted another superhero named Jenny Quantum.

As you might have noticed, these two are very much parallels of Batman and Superman, from the costumes to the names. Of course, the married couple is considerably more brutal than Bats and Supes, especially Midnighter!

5. Black Bolt And Medusa

Last, but certainly not least, we have the strongest Inhuman in comics, Black Bolt and Medusa! Not only are they Inhumans, but Black Bolt and Medusa are actually members of the Inhuman Royal Family!

Because of Black Bolt's dangerous Inhuman powers (he could level a city by just speaking), he was confined to a sound-proof room until he could control them. Medusa would often visit Black Bolt while he was confined to the room.

Learning sign and body language, the two would communicate and have conversations every day. This eventually led to their marriage, and the two became the most powerful couple in the Inhuman Royal Family.

Like I said, being a hero is tough, but sometimes a superhero couple is just too strong to break apart. Let's hope these couples stay that way!

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