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With just a little over two weeks until Suicide Squad drags us headfirst into the filthy cesspit of criminal insanity that is Belle Reve and the streets of Midway City, it feels like an appropriate time to take a look at how the David Ayer bad guy team-up could connect into the wider DCEU.

It's not a superhero movie if there aren't a ton of artfully-crafted, well-hidden easter eggs drawing links between what we see on screen and decades of comic book history — Batman v Superman certainly had enough of them — and the team assembled by Amanda Waller has such a rich and varied history in DC Comics lore, we're bound to be treated to an absolute ton of references and throwbacks.

Without further ado, here are five easter eggs you might be wise to watch out for when Suicide Squad finally hits theaters next month.

1. Some Kind Of Blur...

Captain Boomerang, the Aussie bogan loudmouth described by Ayer as "evil-chaotic", is perhaps best known as an adversary of The Flash in the comics. You may remember that he also made an appearance early in Season 1 of The CW's show, but that interpretation of Digger Harkness is probably best forgotten.

Oh, the irony... (DC Comics)
Oh, the irony... (DC Comics)

Could Suicide Squad make reference to the Scarlet Speedster in relation to how Boomerang ended up in Belle Reve? Will we see a flashback containing a blur of some kind? It's not beyond the realms of possibility.

Bonus egg: Boomerang has a son, Owen Mercer, who also takes over the Captain Boomerang mantle for a short time. Could some allusion be made to a Jai Courtney mini-me?

2. You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Harley Quinn has had a couple of costume changes in her relatively short comic history, but by far her most iconic look is the black-and-red asymmetrical jester outfit.

Although the Harley of Suicide Squad will be seen sporting much sexier attire, a screengrab from the trailer suggests we'll definitely get at least a brief glimpse at her classic jester costume — even if she's not actually wearing it...

3. Lex Luthor Round Two

I would say this one is almost a dead-cert, considering Batman's words to Lex Luthor during his prison visit at the close of Batman v Superman (the Ultimate Edition)...

I previously theorized that Lex might have outsmarted Bruce once again, concocting some sort of masterplan to gain access to Arkham and establish a relationship with the Joker.

Either way, Luthor isn't done with Batman just yet, and I'm stoked as all hell for the possibility of some interaction with the squad. Crazy meets crazy...

4. Vodka, On Ice

We haven't seen the Penguin in a DC movie since Danny DeVito's gloriously deformed portrayal of the crime lord in Batman Returns. Everything about that movie was perfect, but if we can have a new Joker less than a decade after The Dark Knight, the time is surely ripe for the Penguin to terrorise Gotham once again.

The dancers are flexible af in the Iceberg Lounge. (DC Comics)
The dancers are flexible af in the Iceberg Lounge. (DC Comics)

Gamers who played Batman: Arkham City will recall the mission in which they must gain access to the Iceberg Lounge, the Penguin's lux nightclub, and take out the little man. In much the same way that ACE Chemicals featured in both Batman v Superman and Arkham Knight, either a mention of or a scene set inside the Iceberg Lounge would be a pretty cool nod to one of the most underrated members of Batman's rogues gallery.

5. Solve The Riddle of Arkham Asylum

Reports emerged yesterday speculating that the solo Batman movie currently in the works with Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will find the Caped Crusader locked inside Arkham Asylum, taking some cues from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum game. If that does happen, we can probably expect to meet a considerable number of rogues from Batman's vast gallery.

Time to make good on that Riddler easter egg. ('Batman v Superman', Warner Bros.)
Time to make good on that Riddler easter egg. ('Batman v Superman', Warner Bros.)

That movie is still a few years away, but it's not the craziest idea to expect a few little Arkham easter eggs to be dropped when Suicide Squad visits the asylum — perhaps a list of patients past and present, making reference to classic Arkham inmates from Poison Ivy (setting up a future appearance in DC's untitled, Harley Quinn-starring female team-up movie) to The Scarecrow.

Best of all would be a nod to The Riddler, following up on that question mark graffiti which hinted at the existence of Edward Nigma in the Gotham of Batman v Superman. The man in the green suit hasn't been seen on the big screen since Batman Forever — it's high time the puzzle fanatic made his grand return...

Check back in a couple of weeks after Suicide Squad hits (August 5, as if you'd forgotten) to see how many of these Easter Eggs were actually served. Before then, check out the final trailer, in which Amanda Waller unleashes her machine gun-wielding inner badass, and tell me...

Which Easter Eggs Do You Want Suicide Squad To Deliver?


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