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Let me guess, you've just finished binge-watching an amazing show and you've no idea what to do with your life now — even if this isn't the case in this particular moment in time, you definitely know what I'm talking about. Well, don't fret any longer! I'm here with a list of Spanish TV shows that are guaranteed to pull you out of this televisual black hole in which you've found yourself. Without further ado, here are five binge-worthy TV series that will save your life from TV!

Looking For An Amazing Female Lead? Sira Quiroga's Life Will Rock Your World!

The Time In Between (El Tiempo Entre Costuras) is based on the homonymous novel by María Dueñas and it's a spectacular show you won't want to stop watching! It tells the story of dressmaker Sira Quiroga (Adriana Ugarte) who, having fled to Morocco with her lover, is now left all alone in this foreign land as the Spanish Civil war breaks out. Sira sees her life fall apart and when Spain's ties with Nazi Germany grow, the future looks more bleak. In a story about female empowerment, Sira rises up to the occasion and goes underground as a British spy. Every episode will keep you at the edge of your seat as you'll root for Sira. Adriana Ugarte won multiple awards for her astonishing performance!

The setting, 1930s Spain, Morocco and Portugal, are absolutely gorgeous, and the cinematography and the costumes look stunning. The Time In Between is a highly successful blend of fashion, romance, espionage, and political intrigue; it's worth every second of your time. Oh, and you're in luck because all episodes are available on Netflix!

Forbidden Love And Business Complications Make For Some Great Drama!

Velvet is another show about fashion and dressmaking (minus the espionage). When young Ana's (Paula Echevarría) parents die she has to move away from her little village and go live with her uncle who works at Galerías Velvet, a prestigious fashion gallery in Madrid. There, she falls for the heir of this fashion empire, Alberto (Miguel Ángel Silvestre). As you can imagine, their love isn't encouraged by Alberto's family which makes Velvet a love story full of drama.

If you loved Mad Men's stylish 1960s backdrop, you'll also enjoy Velvet! Set in the fashion world of the later 1950s and early 1960s it has it all! Mysterious murders, hidden relatives, wedding escapes, scheming stepmothers, cheating husbands and wives and much more. All this drama is bound to keep you invested in the lives of everyone in Galerías Velvet. You can catch the first three seasons on Netflix!

This Melodramatic Thriller With Great Character Development Will Get You Hooked!

The Boarding School (El Internado) focuses around the lives of the elite students and the staff of a boarding school in the middle of a forest. There's a lot of scary and macabre events happening, putting everyone in danger but everything starts with the disappearance of five students. There's mystery, action and drama as well a few good scares. This show will send shivers up your spine but you won't want to stop watching!

There's a lot of characters, which makes for a lot of sub-plots and character development that will personally get you involved in the lives of staff, faculty, and students alike! But, don't get too attached because your favorite character might be killed off. The suspense and melodrama of the old-style cinematography works well with the subject-matter adding to the mood of the story. The Boarding School run for seven successful seasons, making this great binge-watch material!

Murder Mysteries And Romance That Will Make You Beg For More!

Grand Hotel is a beautiful period drama. I mean, look at the costumes and the setting; Northern Spain is gorgeous! It tells the story of Julio (Yon González) who travels to Grand Hotel in order to investigate his sister's disappearance. There he falls in love with Alicia (Amaia Salamanca), the daughter of the hotel owners who's to marry the hotel manager. Alicia is more than eager to join him in his investigations. You'll fall in love with Alicia and Julio! The mystery and the intrigue will get you hooked from episode one. Bonus points for the police investigators (who more than often steal the scenes) and for the young Agatha Christie's cameo!

There're a lot of cheesy scenes and surprisingly they don't look out of place! They add to the tone of the show, making it even more fun to watch. Many would argue that this is a Spanish Downton Abbey, so if you were a fun of that show you're in for a treat. Spain certainly knows how to do period dramas as Grand Hotel won awards All three seasons are on Netflix!

Dystopian End-Of-The-World Stories (Oddly) Can't Fail To Entertain!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a particle accelerator implementation went wrong? Maybe you''re hoping to become The Flash(yeah, me to) but The Boat (El Barco) takes a different route. A group of people is left isolated to survive (almost) alone on a boat in a post-apocalyptic world after an accident at Geneva's particle accelerator. As it's expected when a group of people is stranded on a boat after the world's end, there's a lot of intense scenes.

The story combines elements of mystery, action and drama (like in the case of The Boarding School) with some Lost vibes. Blanca Suárez won an National Television: Best Actress award for her performance as Ainhoa Montero. And Mario Casas, who stars in Palm Trees In The Snow and I Want You, won a Neox Fan Award for Best Television actor as Ulises Garmendia.

These series prove that the cinematic and TV worlds outside our mother-tongue are worth exploring. I hope you're ready for your new TV crushes!


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