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I love Spring. It is a hybrid horror film that plays like Before Sunset met Species and formed something totally different and awesome. I heard about the film on the Movies, Films and Flix podcast and I've since fallen in love with it. Spring is a truly unique experience that can most certainly appease genre fans and horror lovers.

The following post covers five reasons why you need to watch this great horror film.

1. Spring Creates a New Monster

I love that Spring creates a fully formed new monster that has a neat backstory and believable motives. New creatures are rare in the horror world and I embrace them whenever they come along. In an interview with the AV Club directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead had this to say:

It felt like there was something sort of rebellious in the act of creating a new monster. Because for some reason it was something that so few people attempt to do now. Usually, when people want to tell a monster story, it’s a vampire, it’s a werewolf, or it’s an alien. It’s always got to be one of those things. That’s pretty much it, conceptually.

2. Great Directors Love it.

Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Before Sunset) and Guillermo del Toro (Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim, Pan's Labyrinth) loved Spring and have tweeted about it. I can't think of a better endorsement.

3. The "Meet Cute" Plays Against Expectations

I love when Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Louise (Nadia Hilker) meet. The meeting plays against type and has fun doing it. There is something refreshing about their meeting and I appreciate that it plays with genre stereotypes.

4. It Expertly Blends Genres

My favorite horror films have found a way to balance several elements at once. I love The Descent. Jaws, Rosemary's Baby and Drag Me to Hell because they play with the genre and go for something more than hack and slash. Spring does a great job blending romance with horror and you end up liking all the people involved.

Check out the trailer to get a taste of the genres at work.

5. It is Part of the New Indie Horror Movement

I've loved the recent horror films that have been released in the last few years. Between It Follows, The Witch, Honeymoon, Housebound, Creep, What We Do in the Shadows, We Are What We Are and The Babadook we've been lucky horror fans. Spring is a fantastic indie horror film the showcases the talents of two young directors who love horror and are striving to make it great.

What horror films would you recommend? Have you watched Spring? You can check it out on Amazon Prime.


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