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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Scroll Down At Your OWN RISK if you haven't seen Game of Thrones Season 6 yet.

During mid-season, many thought that Daenerys could be the next mad queen and will start acting weird as a result of her obsession for the Iron Throne. But all those speculations were put to stop in the Season 6 finale where it was confirmed that Cersei was the mad queen instead and Dany was probably the wisest ruler Westeros needed. I mean obviously, she had Tyrion at her side — how could anything go possibly wrong? So what did she do that made her different and better than Robb Stark?

Bye Bye, Daario Naharis

Daenerys speaking to Daario for one last time
Daenerys speaking to Daario for one last time

The main thing that proved that she isn't the mad queen we expected was the decision she took about friendzoning Daario Nahaaris. She has been in a relationship with him since Season 4 when he proposed to her in a rather weird manner. But based on what we saw since then, he was truly in love with her and being with her was the only thing that mattered to Daario. He was even prepared to do anything to protect her. I did feel bad for him when he was cast aside and told to stay in Mereen, but there was nothing Dany could do about it. Daario could have been a liability in Westeros for her to claim the throne as he was lowborn and from Essos. Even Tyrion said in his own words:

"I know it was hard for you. You turned away a man who truly loves you because he would have been a liability in the Seven Kingdoms. That's the kind of self-sacrifice that makes for a good ruler, if it's any consolation."

And yes, she proved to be a good ruler with that decision. But I can't say the same for Robb Stark.

'The King Who Lost The North'

These were the exact words said by Rickard Karstark when he was brought before Robb for killing two Lannister boys — and I agree with him. He did loose the north the moment he married her:


Talisa was from the Free City of Volantis, which is part of Essos. She relocated to Westeros after completing her medical training as she was against slavery and it was outlawed in Seven Kingdoms. Robb met her after a battle of his when she tending to the wounds of a soldier. The acquaintance slowly turned to love and they eventually decided to marry. Maybe Tyrion wasn't there to advise him against it, but Catelyn's advice wasn't any less wiser than what Tyion gave to Daenerys. Let us read it in their own words:


Catelyn: "Walder Frey is a dangerous man to cross."

Robb: "I know that."

Catelyn: "And you mean to do it anyway?"

Robb: "I love her."

Catelyn: "I know that seems important to you."

Robb: "It is important to me."

Catelyn: "Your father didn't love me when we married. He hardly knew me nor I him. Love didn't just happen to us. We built it slowly over the years, stone by stone, for you, for your brothers and sisters, for all of us. It's not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger. It lasts longer."

Robb: "And that is what would be in store for me with one of Walder Frey's daughters, what you and father had?"

Catelyn: "Why not? Because she's not beautiful? Because she's not exotic and exciting?"

Robb: "Now you're arguing just to argue because you arranged it."

Catelyn: "And you agreed to it. You gave him your word. Treat your oaths recklessly and your people will do the same. If your father lived his life for one thing—"

Robb: "My father is dead. And the only parent I have left has no right to call anyone reckless."

And he married her. He didn't think for a second that she could be a liability for him in the Seven Kingdoms, unlike Dany.

Robb Stark marrying Talisa
Robb Stark marrying Talisa

As a result people started losing trust in him. As Rickard Karstark said in his own words:

"I think you lost this war the day you married her."
Robb Stark's body sewed  with his direwolf's head
Robb Stark's body sewed with his direwolf's head

Robb Stark did lose the war and in a very brutal manner. As a result, almost all the northerners gave up on Starks — their rulers. Just like Catelyn said, Walder Frey treated his oath recklessly because Robb did the same thing by marrying an outsider. He was killed in a wedding, a fate far worse than being killed on a battlefield.

Daenerys sailing for Westeros
Daenerys sailing for Westeros

Well, Daenerys didn't disappoint us in that aspect. She did make a wise decision by casting Daario aside and sailing for Westeros as a ready-to-be-wed bride with ships, an army and her dragons. And if an insanely smart guy like Tyrion believes in her, we too can surely believe in the Mother of Dragons.

Do you think Daenerys is the true leader of Westeros?


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