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It’s been over 30 years since Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the year 2015 to try to change the future. Every so often, us Back to the Future die-hard fans get to relive the moments from our favorite classic movie with special appearances from the beloved cast.

Something like Coldplay bringing Michael J. Fox onstage to recreate a famous scene from Back to the Future.

Michael J. Fox and Coldpaly singer Chris Martin
Michael J. Fox and Coldpaly singer Chris Martin

On July 17th, the band Coldplay presented its New Jersey crowd with an incredible surprise. Lead singer Chris Martin’s son, Moses, came on the big screen in a video requesting his dad to play a song from their favorite movie, Back to the Future (because clearly his kid has great taste in classic films).

Naturally, Martin obliged and started playing the popular jingle "Earth Angel" that Marty McFly plays at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in the film. Halfway through the song, Martin stunned his audience by casually welcoming Michael J. Fox to the stage.

Tell me you didn’t get goosebumps the moment Fox slipped on that guitar.

Fox started the Michael J. Fox Foundation after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at only 29 years old. Seeing Fox recreating the iconic scene, despite his medical conditions, shows how truly passionate Fox remains to his Mcfly character. It warms the heart of BTTF fans everywhere.

It’s amazing to see actors pay tribute to their former characters, but it’s even more amazing when their co-stars jump in on the hype. Fox’s Partner in Crime, Christopher Lloyd (a.k.a Doctor Emmett Brown), quickly took to Instagram to express his support for this moment.

“Love this” -@mrchristopherlloyd via Instagram
“Love this” [email protected] via Instagram

Lea Thompson, who plays Marty’s mother, Lorraine Bates/McFly, also pointed out how Coldplay’s Back to the Future tribute was, “SOOOO COOL” when she shared the news on Twitter.

Lea Thompson via Twitter
Lea Thompson via Twitter

And of course, Michael J. Fox let us know how much he enjoyed this opportunity.

Michael J. Fox performs with Coldplay
Michael J. Fox performs with Coldplay

Last year on the anniversary of Marty and Doc’s trip back in time (October 21st, 2015), BTTF fans received an exuberant amount of reminders that the legacy of BTTF lives on. Two videos came out with the duo showing fans just how much they still resonate with their legendary characters.

They appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the DeLorean in full Marty and Doc Brown attire, joking about how the future is different from what they expected.

And Christopher Lloyd expressed a heart-filled message about creating our own futures:

Do we need more proof that the cast of Back to the Future is the best?

Oh yeah:

Michael J. Fox performing 'Johnny Be Good' in 2011
Michael J. Fox performing 'Johnny Be Good' in 2011

What are your favorite Back to the Future moments?

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