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Power Rangers has a had a bumpy ride to the big screen. Being a darker approach to an overly-kid-friendly TV show about a bunch of teenagers with attitude in colorful costumes, it made a lot of fans skeptical. Fortunately, with its director, screenwriters and star-studded cast, Power Rangers has managed to change the minds of many and give them more faith on the project.

Well, Saban and Lionsgate are very confident on the project as well. Days ago, they released a picture of a confrontation between a Ranger and Rita Repulsa. Now, they've given us a second official picture to feed our hunger until the film comes out next year. The image shows the rangers in their suits with their helmets down:

One of the biggest pieces of controversy surrounding the film that hasn't gone away has been the suits. Fans have repeatedly complained about them looking too robotic and too much like Iron Man knock-offs. However, in this image the suits look almost alien and closely resembles Rita Repulsa's design, which strengthens the theory floating around that Repulsa is somehow connected to them.

Power Rangers director Dean Israelite talked to EW and had this to say about the controversial new designs:

“The show was about kids coming of age, about metamorphosis. These suits needed to feel like they were catalyzed by these kids and their energy, their spirit.”

Personally, I'm very happy that they are taking a new approach for the classic suits, and the alien-based design is a nice touch and a welcome addition.

Plus, let's face it, for any old fans of the show out there, it's always the coolest thing to see the unmasked rangers.

However, while this closer look at the new design might change certain fans' minds, we will most likely be able to give a final verdict after seeing the suits in action. And the good news is that it probably won't be long for that as Power Rangers is expected to have a major presence in this year's Comic-Con, which is right around the corner. Could a trailer be dropping? What do you think?

Do You Like How The New Suits Look? Are You Excited For The Film?


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