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With all of the great films that came out in 2016 thus far, Rogue One continues to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. There were lots of fans that left Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 in awe. Fans got a glimpse of what’s to come, such as: novels, games and a glimpse at the third season of Star Wars Rebels (which studio execs promise will include plot hints for Episode 8). Out of all the panels and all the members from the Star Wars cast that were present at the event, it would be hard to forget about the official Rogue One trailer.

December is coming fast, and yet, we can only continue to speculate as to what’s in store for us. As with every Star Wars movie, people are going to have their thoughts and theories. One of the most intriguing theories I’ve heard about Rogue One is the possibility of Boba Fett making an appearance. As crazy as it may sound, it could actually work.

Having Boba Fett In Rogue One Would Make Sense

Boba Fett is one of my favorite characters. I’m one that believes Fett was short-lived and deserves to be brought back. He either deserves a secondary character or a solo film. Whichever decision is fine with me, though a solo film is rumored to be in the works as we speak. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he made an appearance in Rogue One.

We don’t have any bulletproof evidence of Boba making an appearance, but as always, a twitter image was posted, and now has fans wondering if Boba is coming sooner than later. Take this with the tiniest grain of salt you can find, but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Where the timeline is set in Rogue One, it would be crazy not to have Boba, or at least to mention him. As much as I want to see him in Rogue One, (if he even makes an appearance), it’s pretty much guaranteed he won’t have a major part. If we happen to see Boba, it will be a small cameo. We would either see his Mythosaur symbol in the background somewhere, (just like we did in The Force Awakens), his Slave 1 ship, or somebody will mention his name or bounty hunters in general.

Boba Fett Will Not Likely Appear In Rogue One

Although it makes sense that Boba Fett could potentially appear in Rogue One, it doesn’t mean that he will. One of the main reasons I believe he won’t appear is because of the plot of the film. You can contradict this statement because of his involvement in The Empire Strikes Back. Since Disney has full control over Lucasfilm, they're going to play their cards right and not gamble with this franchise. I'm all for Boba’s appearance in Rogue One, but Lucasfilm wouldn’t make it happen. I believe they're saving him for so much more. If he doesn't end up with his own solo film, I really hope that he’ll be the main antagonist for the upcoming Han Solo film.

The other reason I don’t think he’ll make an appearance is due to lack of promotion of the character. Boba Fett has grown exponentially as a character for decades. This is incredible due to the fact that his involvement in TESB and ROTJ was quite small, yet important. If he was to appear in Rogue One, we would have already heard of his involvement and there would have been promos regarding himself, his ship, or his symbol.

We Will Eventually See Boba Fett In A Feature Film

Although we didn’t get the news I thought we would at celebration, I was sure there would be information regarding future films, such as Boba Fett, or the rumored Obi-Wan trilogy. Clearly, the talk was about Rogue One and Star Wars VIII, which is perfectly fine. That just tells me they're planning something bigger for him down the road.

Whether it’s a TV show, a feature film, or both, we will definitely see Boba Fett sometime in the not-to-distant future. I completely understand the route they went with The Force Awakens and Rogue One. The fact that a Han Solo film is well under way should give us hope and certainty that the Mandalorian warrior is on his way to the big screen.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo Anthology film is scheduled to release on May 25th, 2018.

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