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Preacher's Odin Quincannon doesn't believe in God, but he does believe in meat. That's the general premise for this creepy, iron-willed man who's introduced as a corporate overlord with a flurry of thugs in tow. It's taken a few weeks for AMC to beef out his character and, in between fights for power, sticking his nose into everybody's business and flashbacks involving a disemboweled cow and family member, we're starting to understand more about the owner of Quincannon Meat and Power.

via AMC
via AMC

However, though the show crowns him as the most powerful man in Annville, Texas with a long, interlinking backstory involving Jesse Custer and his father, his character in the comics is a different kind of beast entirely.

Quincannon's Comic Book Character And The One Scene We'll Probably Never See

Preacher comics
Preacher comics

While the show has done a good job of portraying his borderline insane fight for power, there are two sides to Odin Quincannon's comic book character that AMC avoided for obvious reasons: He is incredibly, disgustingly, deeply racist — being a member of the local Ku Klux Klan chapter tends to do that to a person — and he is a MASSIVE pervert, but more on this later.

First, a little backstory:

Unlike the AMC show, Odin had nothing to do with the original Annville story thread, instead he was sticking his meaty fingers in all the pies in the town of Salvation; running his Quincannon Meats empire, paying off cops, employing the bulk of the population and generally being a mad meaty mogul. Again, unlike the show, he has no prior relationship to Jesse Custer until our Preacher shows up in his town and messes with his reign of power.

via Preacher comics
via Preacher comics

Quincannon and Custer's relationship started as it meant to continue, for Custer point blank refused to be paid off and succumb to his power. Their first three meetings went as follows:

  • Meeting One: Jesse punches him straight out of the sheriff's office.
  • Meeting Two: Jesse almost drops him from an office window.
  • Meeting Three: Jesse beats the shit of his KKK members.

So yeah, every time Odin tried to do him over, the plan fell on its ass. His final attempt involved kidnapping the sheriff's deputy and planting a shit ton of explosives around the town; but before he could see his master plan through, he was struck by lightening.

He survived the strike, and it was his movements shortly after that led Jesse to his dirty secret.

Odin Quincannon's Meatlocker

So, throughout Odin's comic appearances we'd see him entering a mystery locker room inside his meat plant, we'd hear gross squelchy sex noises, and he'd emerge sometime later covered in blood. It's not until Issue 48 that we discover exactly what he's been up to. And there's no way in hell this will ever make the small screen.

He's found with his wrinkly balls deep inside a giant puppet woman made of meat, complete with hair and lipstick.

via Preacher comics
via Preacher comics

Unfortunately though, this unsavory plotline is a character detail at best, so while watching Jackie Earle Haley — who plays Odin in the TV series — make tender love to a ham hock would be simultaneously hilarious, iconic and a total upchuck tickler, it probably ain't gonna happen.

5 Fun Facts About The Actor Behind AMC's Odin Quincannon — Jackie Earle Haley

1. He's an Academy Award nominated actor!

In 2006 he went up against Eddie Murphy, Djimon Hounsou, Alan Arkin and Mark Wahlberg in the Best Supporting Actor category for his portrayal of the pedophile Ronald James McGorvey in Little Children.

2. He can whip your ass!

As he has a Black Belt in Karate.

3. And he'll give you nightmares for weeks

In 2010 he starred as Freddy Krueger in Samuel Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Also, as rumor would have it, he applied to be in Wes Craven's 1984 movie of the same name but, unfortunately for him, Craven instead fell for the friend who accompanied him to the audition. That friend was Johnny Depp.

4. You'll probably also know him from these movies too:

He played Moocher in Breaking Away, Kelly Leak in The Bad News Bears, the vigilante Rorschach in Watchmen, and Willie Loomis in Dark Shadows.

5. Next up: a Stephen King adaptation

Haley's next gigs include the upcoming sci-fi adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower opposite Idris Elba and Katheryn Winnick, and creating chaos as The Terror in comedy-action movie The Tick with Peter Serafinowicz and Brendan Hines.

Who's your favorite character from the Preacher comics?


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