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Introducing a baby Moana as she meets Water for the first time, the international trailer for Disney's Moana shows a whole new and adorable side to their latest animation feature. Filled with playful squeaks, childish giggles and beautiful backing music, within its one-minute runtime you're soon made painfully aware of just how many tissues you're going to destroy with tears when the movie sails into theaters this Thanksgiving.

Some scenes will already be familiar to those who attended Disney's D23 Expo last year, for during one panel, director Ron Clements explained the touching significance behind the Water meeting.

When they visited the South Pacific for research, he explained, the people they encountered talked of the ocean as "a person or a friend." Thus, the film became a conversation between Moana and the character of the Ocean, and follows their relationship as it strengthens over time. Awesome premise, right?

And it turns out the girl who voices Moana is pretty awesome too.

Here are 5 fun facts about the 14-year-old girl who's set to become the next big name in Disney: Auli'i Cravalho

via Instagram
via Instagram

1. Auli’i Cravalho Was Basically Moana Already

According to the director, John Musker, Cravalho shares many of Moana's qualities:

"She has a playful, mischievous wit. She can project vulnerability, she doesn't seem intimidated at all by the challenges ahead, and her Polynesian background has helped shape her connection to family, hard work, and music. These are all qualities she shares with Moana.".

2. She's Breaking Records!

via Instagram
via Instagram

Auli'i Cravalho will star as the first Polynesian princess in Disney history.

3. She Was Actually Discovered

via Instagram
via Instagram

An Oahu casting agent noticed her singing at a charity competition, and then whisked her off to LA for the audition.

4. She's Totally Stoked To Work Alongside Dwayne Johnson

Telling People Magazine:

"I am very excited about that, my gosh. I’ve never heard him sing before so it’s going to be really interesting!"

5. Being A Disney Princess Was Always Her Dream

But she never thought she was good enough.

“I was getting through my freshman year, and there were already so many great submissions over YouTube."

Well, she proved herself wrong, didn't she?

Are you excited for Disney's Moana?


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