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Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) have developed quite the bromance throughout their time together on The Walking Dead. The co-stars have much love for each other, but more importantly, they're at war. Waged on by Norman Reedus, this prank escapade is getting more and more out of hand.

This is the closest thing we have to finding out who would survive in a battle between the two, since we'll never find out who would win in a real-life zombie apocalypse — or so we hope. Their latest act of defiance was a prank that Reedus pulled on Lincoln while filming in Georgia in 93-degree weather. Given the heated circumstances, it was beautifully vicious.

Glitter Isn't Always Hot

In the scorching summer weather of the South, Reedus escalated their tricks by filling up the air conditioner of Lincoln's car with massive amounts of glitter. We're sure he just wanted to wish his friend a colorful day... But the dominant color was the red in Lincoln's face. After all, they say you can never get rid of glitter and it spreads like crazy — it's the herpes of arts and crafts.

It's a whole new level of playing dirty when you mess with someone's AC in that heat. Will Andrew serve his revenge cold? As in wait for the winter and fill Reedus's heater with feathers...? That sounds like a fire hazard, but then again, Andrew would simply have to sweep his trailer to get ahold of enough feathers. Or haven't you heard?

When In Doubt, Just Blame It On The '80s

Reedus basically explained on The Late Late Show with James Corden how the whole competition started. It all began with a somewhat innocent — or at the very least tamed — prank that simply went on for too long. Watch the video above to hear how Reedus tells the story:

"Somebody sent me this license plate that was like an '80s airbrushed Daryl Dixon with his hair flying like this. And I put it on his car and he never noticed. So for months, he drove around with this on his car."

Sounds pretty innocent so far, right? Except that simply didn't suffice for Reedus, who had to take it one step further. Scratch that, ten steps further.

Andrew Lincoln Chickened Out In His Trailer

Reedus really went with his logic of "the best defense is a good offense." Once he smelt the scent of sweet revenge coming his way, he didn't waste time before striking back. In the words of James Corden, he was "trying to get him back for something he hadn't done yet?!" That's right! Reedus continued on with his story:

"And then, he said he was gonna get me back and he was trying to plot this — he's really bad at it to be honest. But, the last day of shooting for this last season, he walked into his trailer and I had filled it full of chickens."

As one does... Casually. Who wouldn't want to come home to a house full of feathers, stuck to your wall and furniture with the most demanded adhesive of all, chicken sh*t? And after spending all day in a supposed zombie apocalypse, doesn't a live chicken apocalypse sound comforting? No? Okay.

Lincoln Chickened Out For Real This Time

At the Walker Stalker Cruise Panel, Norman Reedus and The Walking Dead's special makeup effects creator Greg Nicotero ganged up on Andrew Lincoln behind his back. After the live chicken incident, Andy was ready for revenge with a plot to pretend-steal Norman's car. He made the mistake of telling Nicotero, who double-crossed him and instantly revealed the plan to Reedus:

"So of course, the funny thing is, Andy was like 'We're gonna steal Norman's car.' And so Andy comes to me and plays out this great plan. And of course I walk over to Norman like "Alright, so here's Andy's plan.' To the point where I was with Norman in New York for the premiere, and I was staying at Norman's house and I'm like 'Dude, we got to let Andy know so he thinks that we're really gonna do this.'"

They planned to supply Lincoln with the code to break into Norman's car so he could make a copy of the keys and eventually steal it. Little did he know, this was all a set-up to get him arrested. They had everything set in motion, when Andy bailed on his initial plan. They got him arrested at a concert in Atlanta instead, and Andy didn't have the slightest clue as to why.

Lincoln Desperately Needs To Know Where To Find A Toilet

While doing a press tour for The Walking Dead in Japan, Lincoln decided he should learn a few things in Japanese. Unfortunately for him, he trusted Reedus to be his language tutor. Probably not the best move on his part... Obviously, Reedus took advantage of the opportunity to inform his co-star with some misleading phrases. Norman set up Andrew with a simple suggestion during an interview: "Do you want to practice the lines I taught you?"

Lincoln responded by addressing the audience with a "Toire wa doko desuka?" Proud of his pronunciation accomplishment, he even repeated it, thinking he was thanking them for allowing him to be there. In reality, what he had been saying throughout his trip to Japan, was "Where is the toilet?" At this point, Reedus is killing it in this one-sided war. But whatever comes his way, he has it coming. Even if that happens to be a real-life zombie...

Even The Walking Dead Didn't Prepare Reedus For Real-Life Zombies

Sick of playing the victim in this prank war, it was about time Reedus got a sliver of a taste of his own medicine. Our Rick recruited Nick Santonastasso, a professional zombie prankster and a huge fan of the show, to partake on his vengeful journey. Nick was sent out to Tokyo to play out this much-anticipated retaliation. Hiding beneath a tablecloth, Nick was covered in professional zombie makeup and attire with the help of Greg Nicotero.

While Reedus was expecting to do some video pieces for the Japanese press, he was in for a surprise. Nick scarily crawled out from his hiding spot, screaming and making his way over to the actor. Reedus reacted with a fearful shriek, or whatever you want to call the weird noise that came out of him. Much of the show's crew ganged up against our Daryl to partake in this much-needed revenge. Watch the clip above to see how the entire prank played out.

Reedus is clearly the winner of this war that he started, continued, and finished — even if Lincoln finally got a fraction of his revenge. Season 7 of The Walking Dead won't only be interesting on-screen, but we can't wait to see what pranks will happen behind the scenes next. Andy needs something good after enduring the glitter apocalypse. He may want to ask the prank-master Jared Leto for some advice on how to deal with this one.


Who do you think will win the prank war?

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