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Life is a roller coaster and us sage prophets know that even the most Excellent Adventure can morph into a totally Bogus Journey without warning, just like our main dudes, Bill and Ted. Although being dragged to hell by a seriously low-budget-looking Grim Reaper isn't anyone's idea of fun, the last time we saw the resplendently radical duo on screen has left a legacy that deserves to be celebrated, even if it does make you feel egregiously ancient.

So, Let's take our own hopefully not bogus journey through cinematic history and party on, dude. It's what our brothers would have wanted. But first, take it away, reaper!

Are You A Quote Dweeb, Dude?

Any Bill and Ted devotee knows that the delectable duo is just as famous for their verbose method of chewing the fat, but can you remember who uttered these gnarly phrases 25 years on?


1. Who utters the phrase, "Dinner's over, worm dude." from their early grave?

ANSWER: It's none other than bodacious Bill who tells the worms the feast is over.


2. Who was totally down on the yellow man in Clue when they said, "I believe Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the candlestick."

ANSWER: It's the Grim Reaper who lacks the skills to own Clue.


3. Who took influence from classic horror when they said, "It worked in The Exorcist. I and III?"

ANSWER: Dead Bill knows which horror icons he can trust.


4. Who has a pretty creepy turn of phrase when they say, "You're not strong! You're silky boys! Silk comes from the butts of Chinese Worms!"

ANSWER: Colonel Oates has the unusual preoccupation with larvae butts. Lovely.


5. Who said, "I can't believe Missy divorced your dad, and married mine."

ANSWER: It was just plain old regular Ted who made this typically awkward comment.

Before we move on to some totally non-trivial trivia about the movie, let's see how you did on the above questions in the poll below. Be honest though, the Grim Reaper is watching and we all know that those album covers lied about hell!


Be honest, dude, how many did you get right?

Totally Tubular Non-Trivial Trivia, Dude

Sure, you know the plot of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey inside out, but that doesn't mean there nothing more to be learned about the movie, dude.

Below are 10 facts you probably never knew about Bill and Ted's journey to hell and back that have the potential to shred your mind like the meanest Megadeth solo.

1. Linkin Park Links

Brad Delson was hiding somewhere in 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey'
Brad Delson was hiding somewhere in 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey'

We all know Chester Bennington tried to break into the film industry with his appearances in Crank: High Voltage and Saw 3D, but his bandmate beat him to it by almost 20 years!

Linkin Park member guitarist Brad Delson made an appearance as an extra in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey when he was still an unknown. Awww.

2. Double Death

Bill, Ted n' Death
Bill, Ted n' Death

The Grim Reaper in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey was probably such a dab hand at reaping because he's done that death shit before.

William Sadler played death in Tales from the Crypt, The Man Who Was Death just two years prior to joining the tubular team in 1991.

3. The Kiss Of Yessssssss!

Sure, they might be huge in America, but apparently platform boots and cat faces aren't the UK audience's bag — that is until Bill and Ted came along to save them like their heroic bad selves.

Their single "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You" was nabbed straight from the Bogus Journey soundtrack and it gave the glam rockers their second and final British number one. Hurrah!

4. Marvel Magic

Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic
Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic

Marvel Comics released a single issue adaptation in honor of the movie at the time of its release in 1991. The comic was so popular that a spin-off series was born and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book reigned supreme for 12 issues.

5. Seance Surprises

Ed Solomon and Chris Matherson
Ed Solomon and Chris Matherson

When Bill and Ted go to Missy's séance, you can actually see something more surprising than spirits, the creators and writers of Bill and Ted themselves! If you look closely, they are the only men attending the ghostly ritual.

In case you were wondering who's who, Chris Matherson is the guy in the white shirt and Ed Solomon is the dude with the glasses.

6. Highbrow High Jinks

Bill and Ted might not strike you as the sort of movie to pay reverence to classic Hollywood, but the portion of the movie where they play games against Death to win their souls back is an homage to Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal.

This classic 1957 movie shows a man playing chess with the grim reaper while questioning the very existence of God. Deep, man.

7. Stephen King Cameo

Stephen King makes a sneaky cameo
Stephen King makes a sneaky cameo

There is a very minor and unexpected Stephen King cameo that happened entirely by accident in Bogus Journey. When Missy uses the Riddance of Evil book to send Bill and Ted to hell, it's actually the Stephen King short story collection Four Past Midnight that's been given a nifty makeover.

When Missy opens the book, you can clearly see a page in the story titled "Secret Window, Secret Garden" for a few frames of the film.

8. Bogus Film Shoot


During filming, Keanu Reeves had a pretty bogus time, just like his character. The star collapsed in his trailer and it was later discovered he had an infected wound on his arm. That's totally non-non-heinous, dude.

9. Going Down To South Park

The band that plays before the Wyld Stallyns at the Battle of the Bands is Primus, best known for composing and recording the infamous South Park theme song.

10. Threequel Thrills

More, more, more, more!
More, more, more, more!

Bill and Ted could ride again thanks to some totally tubular threequel news. Although it has been in the works for years now, Keanu Reeves has revealed another adventure has studio support and it could begin filming sometime this year.

Reportedly the third adventure will be set in bodacious Britain, but that's all we've got to go on so far.

Do you think Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is as good as their Excellent Adventure?

Hell yessssss!
Hell yessssss!

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