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The Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, is bursting at the seams with pop culture references. Even so, linking the quirky sci-fi cult classic with the popular videogame series Saints Row may be a little bit of a stretch. And, usually, I'd agree with you. But you need to hear me out.

Before we jump headfirst into one of the many theories boldly shared on Reddit, we need a common link, something or someone that can make this bizarre suggestion somehow feasible (hey, if there's a universe with pizzas ordering people, or phones ordering pizza chairs, anything is feasible).

That Link Is... Wait For It... Keith David

Keith David in real-life and videogame format
Keith David in real-life and videogame format

The actor, voice actor and singer is the common thread. He appears in the Rick and Morty episode "Get Schwifty" and also voices two characters in the Saints Row franchise: Julius Little in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, and himself in Saints Row IV.

For those unfamiliar with Saints Row, in a nutshell, it's about a criminal gang called the Third Street Saints, led by the Protagonist. Things escalate quickly, and by Saints Row IV, the Protagonist becomes the President of the USA after he prevents a terrorist attack. While playing himself in the game universe, David becomes the vice-President of the Protagonist.

In Rick And Morty, David Voices The President

In the Season 2 episode "Get Shifty," a giant alien head appears in the sky, identified by Rick and as Cromulon. Rick and Morty then go to the Pentagon to inform the President, who is voiced by David, that they need to perform a hit song and show the floating head "what they've got."

Although the rest of the officials in the Pentagon are instantly dismissive of Rick's suggestion, the President illustrates his belief in Rick, and gives him permission to perform a hit song to satisfy the Cromulon.

So, What's The Theory?

Now here's where it gets interesting. In Rick and Morty, we already know that there are infinite number of universes, some practically identical, others completely different. We've seen from the Council of Ricks that there are identical versions of people in different universes.

The theory suggests that Earth Dimension C-137 — the universe the "main" Rick and Morty come from — is almost identical to the universe in Saints Row IV, where David plays himself as vice-President. I say almost, because the significant difference in this universe is that the Protagonist was assassinated, making David the President.

Starting To Believe It Now?

The theory also suggests there is another Saints Row character in this alternate universe. In Saints Row IV, Cyrus Temple is the leader of the anti-gang unit, the main villain and thorn in the side of the Third Street Saints.

In Rick and Morty, he appears as... The President's villain, General Nathan, who disagrees with his decision and is killed by Rick when he attempts to kill the President. Still not convinced? Look at the collage below. Just look at it:

Cyrus Temple and General Nathan
Cyrus Temple and General Nathan

This Could Have An Impact On Season 3

If this is true (and I will admit, I'm convinced) we could see larger connotations in Season 3. The theory goes on to say that it's possible Rick has encountered the Zin Empire (an alien race who infiltrate Earth in the Saints Row IV videogame) and destroyed them, consequently giving more power to the Galactic Federation.

This would mean the President has a vital role in the next season, given the choice between backing Rick or siding with the Galactic Federation. Interestingly, show-creator Dan Harmon has publicly Tweeted Keith David could return for Season 3...

Interesting, isn't it? And that's the waaaaaaaaay the news goes.

Is Earth Dimension C-137 set in the same universe as Saints Row?

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