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Looking for a new documentary to help broaden your view of the world? Check out this list of 10 documentaries that have already been released or will come out later in 2016. From cyberwarfare to competitive endurance tickling, there's something for everyone on this list.

1. Life, Animated

  • What's It About? Disney movies and autism affinity
  • When Does It Come Out? July 1
  • Where Can You Watch It? In theaters

If Mickey Mouse Monopoly (2002) destroyed your childhood dreams and turned you into a cynic surrounding all things Disney, this movie is the antidote. Life, Animated follows the story of Owen Suskind, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and began using Disney movies to create a frame of reference through which to understand the world. A true testament to the power of movies.

2. Zero Days

  • What's It About? Cyberwarfare
  • When Did It Come Out? July 8
  • Where Can You Watch It? In theaters, On Demand, Amazon, iTunes

If Dirty Wars made you question everything that the military might not be telling us, Zero Days will assure you that this problem goes deeper than we ever could have imagined. Zero Days tracks the development of a piece of computer malware known as Stuxnet. The program was created by the US and Israel in order to damage part of a nuclear facility in Iran. However, Stuxnet wound up spreading far beyond its target.

3. Tickled

  • What's It About? Fetish subculture and internet scams
  • When Does It Come Out? June 17
  • Where Can You Watch It? In theaters

If Hot Girls Wanted depressed you at just how easy it is for young girls to get caught up in the porn industry, Tickled will show you that there's another twisted internet fetish world ensnaring young men. When openly gay New Zealand reporter David Farrier discovered videos of "Competitive Endurance Tickling," he thought it might be worth a story. But when the company behind the videos, Jane O'Brien Media, responded with hateful, homophobic messages and a refusal to be interviewed, he and his working partner Dylan Reeve decided there might be a much darker story that needed to be told.

4. Fastball

  • What's It About? Baseball
  • When Does It Come Out? March 25
  • Where Can You Watch It? Vimeo on Demand, Vudu, Amazon, XBox

If Knuckleball made you wonder how some pitchers can seemingly defy the laws of physics, Fastball will make you wonder why batters ever agree to stand opposite them in the first place. Narrated by Field of Dreams star Kevin Costner himself, this sports documentary records some of the fastest pitches in history, and delves into why we need sports on a primal level.

5. At The Fork

  • What's It About? Farming and the food industry
  • When Did It Come Out? July 8
  • Where Can You Watch It? In theaters. Organize a screening here.

Where Food, Inc. sought to expose the graphic cruelty in factory farming, At The Fork seeks to humanize the farmers behind the food industry. This documentary follows the lives of small farmers in the US that are struggling with the moral implications of producing meat for the modern market. It presents the facts in a way that's not overly didactic, but will still make you think about what exactly is on your plate.

6. How To Let Go Of The World And Love All Things Climate Can't Change

  • What's It About? Climate change
  • When Did It Come Out? April 20, June 27 (HBO)
  • Where Can You Watch It? HBO

If An Inconvenient Truth left you feeling hopelessly resigned to seeing Manhattan swallowed by seawater, How To Change might cheer you up a little bit. The maker of Gasland, Josh Fox, sets out on a journey inspired by the looming threat of climate change. He ultimately finds some solace in small, community efforts to combat climate change that he discovers in unlikely places.

7. Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement

  • What's It About? Movement
  • When Did It Come Out? May 26
  • Where Can You Watch It? BET

One of the first documentaries on the Movement, Stay Woke will undoubtedly provide inspiration for many more films depicting one of the most important political and social movements of our age. From the BET Truth Series, this original documentary explores the challenges behind creating a social movement that is truly leaderless. It also explores the beginnings of the grassroots , how it has progressed from its inception, and why it is so relevant today.

8. The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years

  • What's It About? The Beatles
  • When Does It Come Out? September 2016
  • Where Can You Watch It? In theaters

For the fan that has already devoured The Beatles Anthology, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years will use found footage, music and interviews to shed a whole new perspective on the whirlwind touring style of arguably the most iconic band of all time. Directed by Ron Howard, this documentary will include new interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison.

9. Ghostheads

  • What's It About? Ghostbusters fandom
  • When Does It Come Out? July 15
  • Where Can You Watch It? Netflix

Like the 1997 documentary Trekkies, Ghostheads delves into the deepest parts of the Ghostbusters fandom that has been sweeping across America since 1984. With the release of the Ghostbusters reboot, now is the perfect time to examine the incredible and passionate fandom behind the franchise.

10. Holy Hell

  • What's It About? Cult life
  • When Does It Come Out? July 29
  • Where Can You Watch It? iTunes

If Jesus Camp kept you riveted with the fascinating/frightening religious zealotry of one conservative group, Holy Hell will make you understand just what an easy trap it is to fall into. Will Allen was the official documentarian of the Buddhafield cult in Los Angeles for 22 years. The members were all drawn to one charismatic leader, and formed a religion around him. This is their true story.

Which documentary intrigues you the most?


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