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First Ghostbusters, then Pokémon, now He-Man?!?! 2016 really is the year of the reboot, as another blast from the past is coming your way this year - a brand new episode of He-Man Masters of the Universe aired during San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to the Super7 team, we will once again be returning to the magical planet of Eternia, and couldn't be happier to slip into those tiny red shorts.

Our bowl-headed hero is once again taking on Beast Man, Evil-Lyn and Skeletor in the new episode, titled "The Curse Of The Three Terrors". It even sounds like they have original Skeletor Alan Oppenheimer back on board, so let's be honest, we will be tuning in just to see how Skeletor's insults such as "needle-brained ninny" have evolved in the past 31 years! Whilst the Twitterverse has been seemingly quiet since the show's supposed airing in a downtown San Diego car park on July 20, we can still enjoy its nostalgia filled trailer!

The Mattel show, which was based on its own line of toys, soon earned a cult status and ran for 130 episodes from 1983 until 1985. There was a reboot (of sorts) in 2002, but "The Cure Of The Three Terrors" is Prince Adam's first proper outing in thirty years! We did have the maligned Masters of the Universe live-action film in 1987, which featured a young Courtney Cox and Dolph Lundgren as the titular He-Man, but let's try and forget that one, shall we? Lundgren would later go to say it is his least favourite film role ever - coming from the man who starred in Kindergarten Cop 2, that is a bold statement indeed.

Hoping to learn from the mistakes of the last film, another big-screen adaptation has been in the works for nearly a decade now. The latest rumours are that Twilight's Kellen Lutz would use the power of Grayskull, with Charlie's Angels McG in the directors chair. Let's just hope that McG can do better than Gary Goddard's outing - oh, and Lundgren cameo!

One thing we do know that Masters of The Universe can get right is their animation, with the latest episode looking like the He-Man of old, harking back to what made the series great. "The Curse Of The Three Terrors" will be available on iTunes and GooglePlay on August 1, so whilst we wait for the episode's eventual release, you can run down our not so brief history of the (He-)Man himself and watch a video of Skeletor's greatest insults...enjoy!

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