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Fear and lust are primal emotions. This is why, despite their differences, they're a match made in heaven when it comes to horror films. Since the birth of the genre, sexuality has been a critical player in these movies. While it's been frequently used as a means to deviate a character's moral compass, there's also been some exceptionally crafted scenes. Whether it was a bombastic introduction, developing attraction between two characters or displaying raw intimacy here are five examples of sexuality in horror at its very best.

5. Cello Scene from The Witches of Eastwick

Jane (Susan Sarandon) is a reserved and insecure musician. When Daryl Van Horn enters the picture, he piques Jane's interest. In this scene, he encourages Jane to release her repressed spirit. As they play together, the sexual tension rises and rises. With each note Jane strings, her inhibited feelings gradually strip away before finally climaxing.

4. Dance Club Heat from Fright Night 1985

Charlie (William Ragsdale) and his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse) are inside a night club contacting TV host Peter Vincent (Roddy Mcdowell) to help them. Unbeknownst to Amy, vampire Jerry (Chris Sarandon) plans to bite her and make her his bride. As the music pumps away, Jerry swoops in and surrounds Amy. Once she's within his reach, he hypnotically seduces her. Jerry embraces her, brushes his face against hers and gets down and personal. The synchronization of the music to Jerry's movements is seamless. The lighting, dancing and song are akin to a fantasy.

3. Showering from Carrie 1976

This is one of the more personal scenes on this list. The cinematography and soft instrumental music do a fantastic job of capturing the innocence and beauty of a woman's sexuality. We see these young ladies (some of them naked) in their natural habitat. It's a beautiful, and simultaneously haunting scene. Especially since it appears right before Carrie's horrifying revelation.

2. Sexual Encounter from An American Werewolf in London

Despite their incredibly short relationship David (David Naughton) and Alex (Jenny Auguter) shared amazing chemistry, and incredible passion. After Alex invites David to stay at her flat they don't tip-toe around their attraction for one another. They spend an entire evening making love, and Van Morrison's 'Moondance' plays in the background. It's a short, but majestic and titillating sequence. Morrison's pop song compliments this scene well, and it fits in with the film's campy and frightening tone.

1. Python Dance from From Dusk Till Dawn

Despite being released over 20 years ago, this is one of the most sexiest scenes in film history, let alone the horror genre. When the film's main characters enter a bar they're treated to a dance from Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek), an exotic dancer and vampire. When she comes on stage wearing a headdress and cape the rowdy patrons all simultaneously become quiet. After removing her robe she reveals her bikini ensemble and hanging python. She seductively sways her body to the slow, sensual music playing, as her audience are in awe.

These scenes vary from similar sexy moments in horror films because they don't solely serve as delicious eye-candy. They develop tension, establish relationships and deliver powerful and emotional moments. These films wouldn't be quite the same without them, or as memorable. As weird as it seems, sex and horror truly go well together.


Which scene is the sexiest?


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