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AMC's Preacher has been taking the TV world by storm with its ultra-violent storyline and ultra-surreal characters, but none has captivated audiences more than the grotesque Arseface.

The actor behind the teenage failed suicide is a relative unknown named Ian Colletti, and luckily for us, he has been totally willing to answer the question on everyone's lips: What is it like to be an actor firmly embedded inside an arse?

Going Deep Inside Ian Colletti's Arseface

  • Real Name: Ian Colletti
  • Age: 20
  • Where Have I Seen Him Before? You might recognize Colletti from his past roles: Finn Deane in the TV show Rake and Jamie in the uplifting Phoebe in Wonderland.

What's It Like Becoming Arseface? Everyone is curious about what it's like to have your face transformed into a monstrous arse on the daily, and luckily Colletti has been pretty forthcoming with the gory details.

When asked what it was like being entombed in a foamy anus all day, the actor admitted that the hardest thing was suffering hunger pangs for his art. Colletti explained to Dorkshelf that:

"The hardest part is not being able to eat in it. So, if you’re really pulling a long day thats 20 hours, I literally am drinking shakes all day because I can’t eat. It’s the saddest example of forced-method acting that I can come up with.”
Not just a pretty 'Arseface'
Not just a pretty 'Arseface'

It's not just the lack of on set snacks that makes wriggling into the mask a little more than uncomfortable for Ian though, it's the process itself, he explained that:

"Yeah, it took about two and a half hours to get into every day. It’s really amazing. There’s some very talented artists that all play a part in making this come to life. Mike Smithson is the guy who hashes it out with me every day on set, and then there’s the guys at KNB EFX who originally designed it – they do a lot of stuff with 'The Walking Dead.' They’re extremely talented and I really think they’ve brought a very cool version of Arseface to life."

Of course, Coletti isn't the only person to have a rough time being coated in layer upon layer of sweet, sweaty latex and below are some of the most trying prosthetics in Hollywood history.

1. Jim Carrey In The Grinch

Jim Carrey described the prosthetics he had to don to become The Grinch as "like being buried alive everyday," so perhaps it's not that surprising that he was trained by a CIA agent whose speciality was to teach operatives how to endure torture.

Don't be surprised if you feel the secondhand claustrophobia when you look at how dense and all-encompassing the prosthetics are in the image below:


At least the movie was a hit, eh Jim?

2. Rebecca Romijn In X-Men

Romijn portrayed Mystique in X-Men, X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand before JLaw took over. Every movie involved a staggering nine hours in the makeup chair in order to cover two thirds of the model turned actor's body in prosthetics.

Talking to Digital Spy about the heir to her former role, the 43-year-old actress said:

"It sounds like [she had an easier time] - although my theory is that going through nine hours of make-up, you're in such a rotten mood, you can't be anything but evil - it turns you into the villain that you need to be to play Mystique properly!"

3. John Matuszak In The Goonies

Underneath all of those grim prosthetics, John Matuszak was actually a pretty handsome guy, so making a monster, Sloth, of him took quite some work, especially with comparably primitive '80s techniques.

According to Sean Astin, who played Mikey Walsh in The Goonies, putting on the makeup was an exercise in patience and suffering. He told Moviefone that:

"He was one of the prime victims of early special-effects makeup. That prosthetic makeup that they put on him took four or five hours. They had the little electronics in his ears to make them go back and forth, and they had the eye remote control -- and he suffered for hours to get that stuff looking right. Mostly, you just rooted for the thing to work, or else the poor guy would have to sit for another 90 minutes while they fixed it."

4. Michael Chiklis In Fantastic Four

It ain't easy being the Thing
It ain't easy being the Thing

As you might be able to guess by just looking it's sheer bulk, Chiklis described the soaring temperatures inside the Thing suit as "middle of summer, Sahara hot." Fortunately for the star, there was a system that pumped cooled water around the suit so he didn't pass out in the sweltering conditions. Unfortunately, this system could only be used when Chiklis was stationary so he had to suffer for the entire time he was on camera. Ouch.

5. Ron Perlman In Hellboy

Ron Perlman gets plasticized for 'Hellboy'
Ron Perlman gets plasticized for 'Hellboy'

The special effects artist who was in charge of Perlman's Hellboy makeup (Jake Garber) explained that the most difficult thing about the prosthetics was the amount of times they needed to be applied and reapplied:

"Ron's makeup was difficult because of the duration. I did his makeup 86 times. [Prior to Hellboy] the most times I'd ever made up a character was maybe a dozen times."

Each application took four hours, so that's 344 hours in total spent in the makeup chair. That's just over two entire weeks to you and me!

Which movie character would you love to transform into, despite all the prosthetic pain involved?

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